Reduce Acne Redness

How to Reduce Acne Redness

Finding a way to reduce acne redness is probably a top priority for individuals that are fighting acne.  The redness can become very noticeable and make it very difficult to think about anything else.  When you understand how to reduce this redness without making the situation worse, you are going to be very pleased.  This article is going to give a few pointers to help you find a way to reduce this redness.  Hopefully, it will help you with your acne problem.

You will start by going to the store and purchasing some eye drops.  You do not need any certain type of eye drops, any brand will do.  You will also need to purchase some q-tips and sandwich bags.  When you get your products home you are going to take a few moments to wet the ends of the q-tips with the eye drop solution. You will need to then place them into the sandwich bags you bought.  You do not have to place each q-tip in separate bags but you will need to be sure that they are laying flat and you do not let them touch each other.  Once they are prepared in the bags, you will need to place them into the freezer.  Be sure that you are laying them flat.

You are going to leave them in the freezer over night.  This is going to ensure that they are as cold as possible.  This is the result that you are looking for.  Therefore, avoid the desire to remove them sooner if you can.  When you get up in the morning you are going to want to take one of the q-tips from the freezer and place it on the red pimple that you have.  You are going to need to leave it on there for a few moments.  Be sure that you have given yourself enough time to treat this area properly.  You are going to notice that the eye drop solution is effective when you are trying to reduce acne redness.  However, you can also use more than one q-tip at each treatment if you want to and you have the time.

If you do not want to take the time to purchase all of the products that were mentioned above, you could simple take ice and place it on the pimple.  The cold ice is going to effective for helping reduce acne redness but you are not going to have the effectiveness of the eye drops as an added benefit.  However, everyone has ice.  This can be a good starting point in order to determine if it will help you.

If you are not thrilled about placing something so cold on your face you could take a little bit of honey and place it on the pimple.  This is also very effective for helping reduce acne redness.  However, you are not going to want to place this on your face and then go outside.  You are not going to want to take the chance of getting stung by a bee or anything.  You will want to leave this on your face for two or three hours.  Obviously, you are not going to have time to complete this method early in the morning but you may be able to attempt this later in the evenings while you are sitting and watching television with your family.

There are several different methods you can try to reduce acne redness.  Keep in mind that some may work for one person but not for another.  You should take your time and try different methods to see what works for you. It is very important to also keep an eye on your acne problem.  If you feel it is out of control you can always talk to your doctor or a dermatologist.