Repressed Anger

Repressed Anger – What You May Not Know

Repressed anger is anger that people experience that is not shown to the outside world. This is anger that people tend to keep to themselves rather than showing it to others.  It may be anger that the person does not even realize they have or what they are angry about.  It is important to understand repressed anger so that you can learn how to deal with it and how to handle it appropriately.  This is going to make you feel better and it is going to help improve your relationships with others as well.

You may suffer from a lot of different effects related to repressed anger.  If you are not going to express your anger and you want to keep it inside, you are increasing the likelihood of it coming out in other ways.  It can make you sick by upsetting your stomach, giving you a headache or increasing your blood pressure.  You are actually increasing your likelihood of having a stroke or a heart attack if you are not able to express your anger appropriately.

Repressed anger can also be the underlying cause of mental issues such as anxiety and depression. What you need to be aware of is that repressed anger will come out in other ways that you may or may not be expecting.  You may begin yelling at someone for something that he or she did and it is not even what really made your angry.  It is good to identify and explore all of your anger issues if you want to be healthy, both physically and mentally.

You may be able to identify your repressed anger if you begin paying attention to your body.  First of all, as previously mentioned, you may begin to notice that you are having a lot of headaches or maybe you feel like your heart is racing more frequently than normal.  Other complications that you may begin to notice are stomach ulcers, becoming sarcastic when you have conversations with other, gritting your teeth or even being impatient.

Once you have recognized your anger you are going to need to confront it and deal with it appropriately.  You need to be able to think about your life and what has made you so angry over the years.  You are only harming yourself and those that you love when you avoid the anger and let it continually build.  This is important because it is going to help you feel better.  You are also going to need to learn how to express your anger when it occurs.  This communication is very important and is needed to help you avoid having repressed anger later.

You may not be able to deal with your repressed anger on your own.  This is something that you need to keep in mind.  It may be important for you to talk to a professional.  This is something that may be difficult for you as you prepare to deal with your anger.  Seeing a counselor or therapist is also viewed in a negative light.  You will most likely need to deal with these negative associations before you can begin to feel comfortable with a therapist and discuss some of the underlying issues that you are facing.

Along with being able to communicate and express your feelings, you may also want to begin to find some stress relievers and some ways to get rid of your anger on a regular basis.  This becomes like stress relief and it is very important when you think about your health.  There are several different things that you can try such as listening to calming music, taking a bath, going for a walk or jogging or reading a book.  Whatever you enjoy.  It is very important to implement some of these things into your daily route so that you can enjoy your life and get rid of anger as it happens rather than holding it in.