Stitch Abscess

Identifying Stitch Abscess

If you have had surgery and you have stitches you may be concerned about stitch abscess.  This is definitely something that you will need to be aware of and be on the lookout for.  You will want to know exactly what this is and what you should do if you realize that you have this complication.  This article will explore what this is and what you should do if you are experiencing this problem.

An abscess is generally pus that has formed in a certain location of the body and it is usually very swollen and inflamed.  This is often a sign that this area of the body has an infection and your body is trying to fight it off.  You may even notice that this area is a little bit painful to touch.  What you need to remember is that it is most often a sign of infection and you need to be willing to have this looked at.

A stitch abscess will occur where you have stitches.  If you have stitches and you notice that pus is beginning to form around the location then you need to be aware that you most likely have an infection.  You will want to talk to your doctor as soon as possible in order to prevent the infection from spreading and getting worse.  Often times you will need an antibiotic to help you fight this abscess so you will need to call your doctor in order to get medication.  Do not wait for the infection to go away on its own.

Often times an abscess will form because the area is unclean.  When you have surgery and you get stitches, you will want to talk to your doctor or nurse to find out what type of care the area will need once you go home.  You do not want to leave the area unattended but you want to make sure that it is begin cleaned properly.  This is the best way to fight off infection.  You also want to be sure that you are taking all medications that have been prescribed for you.  Some of these medications may also help fight infection and this can decrease the likelihood of a stitch abscess presenting itself.

There are many different treatment options for stitch abscess and your doctor is the only person that will be able to tell you which treatment option will be the best for you.  If the infection has continued to spread you may need a more intense treatment than a simple antibiotic.  That is why it is really important to contact your doctor as soon as you notice a problem with the area in question.  If you are not sure if you are dealing with an abscess you should call your doctor anyways.  It is always best to have the area checked by a professional to make a diagnosis rather than waiting until it is to late.

You should be prepared for the possibility that your doctor may actually need to drain the pus from the area before an antibiotic is given.  If the infection is really bad your doctor may need to leave a drain in the incision so that the infection can drain out completely.  It is important to remember that your doctor is the only person that will be able to tell you how bad the infection is and what treatment is going to be needed.  You can not make this determination on your own so as soon as you notice a problem you need to call the doctor.  Your health is what is at stake with a stitch abscess so do not wait.