Subchondral Cyst

What Is A Subchondral Cyst?

If you have been told that you have a subchondral cyst you are probably wondering what this is and what you can do about it.  The best thing to do is to spend some time researching this topic.  When we understand what is going on with our bodies we tend to feel better because we feel like we have some control.  Therefore, take control of this situation and learn about this type of cyst.

The subchondral cyst is a cyst that is very common with osteoarthritis and it is very commonly found when an x-ray is done.  It is a sac that is filled with fluid and is protruding from your joints. These cysts are generally what cause the pain that you are experiencing.

There are a few things to remember when you are learning about a subchondral cyst.  You should not be really concerned with the cyst itself because it will go away without treatment.  However, the osteoporosis is going to continue to progress and you are going to have to deal with this issue rather than the cysts.  

If the cyst is causing you pain there are a few things that you can do.  First of all, you can talk to your doctor about getting some type of anti-inflammatory medications that will help with the pain. You can talk to your doctor about taking something over the counter or you can ask him or her to give you a prescription to help with the pain if the over the counter medications are not strong enough.  The other option you have would be to avoid moving the joint where the subchondral cyst is.  Your doctor is going to know where the cyst is located once he or she completes and x-ray and you are going to know where the pain is radiating from.  With this knowledge, you can avoid the movements that are going to create the pain for you.

As previously mentioned, a subchondral cyst is a sign of osteoarthritis.  If you begin having pain in your joints, you need to talk to your doctor.  You are going to want the doctor to complete a full work up in order to determine what is causing your pain and how you can manage it.  Arthritis can become very painful and it can progress and make it virtually impossible to complete many of the tasks that you were use to doing.  It is very important to talk to your doctor about finding a way to function with these cysts and your osteoarthritis.

Many people will talk to their doctor about trying to find a way to have the cyst removed.  This is not usually an option because removing the cysts is going to increase the likelihood of an infection getting into the joint.  This would only make things a lot worse for you.  Your doctor is going to know what is best and what options you have. You should always talk to your doctor about these options and find a treatment option that is going to help you the most.

Learn all that you can about osteoarthritis.  This is going to help you manage the pain a lot better as well.  When you know what options you have you can begin to take the necessary steps needed to help you feel better.  There are so many things that you can do related to pain management.  The most important thing to do is find something that is going to be effective for you while helping you remain healthy.  Talk to your doctor about what options are best for you so you can begin a treatment as soon as possible.