Sudden Fatigue

The Causes Of Sudden Fatigue

Most people at one time or another suffer from sudden fatigue. Usually we can make it through a busy schedule and only become tired when it is close to bedtime. But occasionally it seems as though just waking up can be a hard task. Sudden fatigue can happen for many reasons and they may not be clear until you look at your life style, diet and daily habits.

Fatigue is not the same as just simply being tired. Since it is natural to become sleepy after a full day, if you are tired and need a rest by noon this can be a sign of something else. There are medical illnesses that can cause sudden fatigue but usually it is some thing a person does to himself.

Take caffeine for instance. People drink cup after cup of coffee everyday because they think that it gives them the boost they need to get through a task. Although it does seem to work for the first few hours, after a time the user will crash. They will either have to consume more caffeine to continue going or take a nap. Usually they will drink other beverages throughout the day that contain caffeine to keep going but just like any other drug that produces quick energy, they will have to consume more everyday to get the desired affect.

Extreme stress can cause sudden fatigue. It can also make it difficult to sleep at night or to remain sleeping for more than a few hours. When sleep is affected an overall tired feeling is observed all day. Stress can also be felt from a traumatic incident and this type of stress can last any where from a few months to a few years. The stress will have to be eliminated to stop the fatigue.

The amount of sugar a person consumes has a direct affect on fatigue. Sugar is similar to caffeine because it can boost a mood and energy. But it is different from caffeine because the sugar boost is so short lived. You only have to wait an hour or two to be ready for a nap after consuming a lot of sugar. When a person relies on sugar for energy and consumes too much of it they are at risk for getting diabetes and they should limit sugar intake immediately.

People may not realize that simple over the counter and prescribed medications used for coughs or allergies might make them tired. This can be dangerous is the person is operating a car or taking care of children. So if you check labels for these types of affects you can avoid sudden fatigue by taking these medications at night before you go to sleep.

Alcoholics and substance abusers are susceptible to fatigue at any time. Alcohol is a depressant and if used over a long period of time it can not only cause tiredness but also severe depression. Depression is one of the main reasons for sudden fatigue because of the way it stops you from doing every day chores and activities. By continuously drinking and using drugs, the user starts a vicious pattern of not only drinking too much but not having the ability to maintain a job or themselves.

Depression is perhaps the main reason for sudden fatigue. The person who suffers with it does not have any motivation. People with depression are known to sleep quite a bit and sleep seems like the only way to avoid thinking about bad situations. Even when depressed people are not asleep they still find it hard to function because of their bleak outlook.