Tea Tree Oil Scabies

All About Tea Tree Oil and Scabies

A lot of people wonder about tea tree oil and scabies and how they can treat this disease with tea tree oil. Before deciding if this is the best treatment it is important to understand exactly what scabies are.

Tea tree oil and scabies is a popular topic, but as mentioned, it is significant to understand the condition. A tiny eight-legged mite called a ‘Sarcoptes scabei’ causes the disease known as scabies. When making contact with a human the female mite will dig into the skin and lay her eggs. When the eggs are hatched the babies make their way to the surface of the skin; here they will mate and lay more eggs. Scabies can easily be transmitted from person to person.

When someone has scabies they will develop small, red bumps on the skin that will itch, and may also become inflamed. This is caused by the waste product of the mite. The itching will be worse around the creases of the skin, such as the legs, stomach, and fingers, and may become more severe at night.

Scabies is a condition that will only worsen over time if left untreated. The result could be infections of the skin, and the formation of a crusty area on the surface of the skin. When this occurs the infestation is usually fairly bad. Even after the mites have been killed, some will remain beneath the surface of the skin and may continue to cause irritation.

Tea tree oil and scabies treatment alternatives have become a popular method of dealing with this condition. The aborigines have used tea tree oil for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years; they have used it in the treatment of cuts and infection. Tea tree oil on the skin will help disinfect the area, as well as treat for inflammation; in addition, it is also known to kill the mites and their eggs.

When it concerns tea tree oil and scabies it is important that you only use 100% pure tea tree oil. If the oil is of poor quality or not pure, it will not work as well to treat this disease.

To use tea tree oil as a treatment for scabies you will want to,