Throat Ulcer

Everything You Need to Know about Throat Ulcer

A throat ulcer is extremely discomforting and often causes pain to those with these lesions. However, it is essential to distinguish these ulcers from mouth ulcers or a typical sore throat. When an ulcer is within a person’s throat, everything from talking, swallowing, and even eating can be problematic and relatively painful. Therefore, it is essential to understand what causes throat ulcers and successful methods of treatment to make these ulcers disappear as fast as possible to ease your discomfort.

Generally speaking, a typical throat ulcer can be up to a third of an inch in size. Often times the ulcers may reappear after treatment, making them incredibly aggravating. An ulcer of the throat can last only a week or span a longer time period, lasting months. It is also essential to understand that many ulcers in this area can be mistaken for food allergies and even thyroid problems.

These ulcers within the throat are likely to become so inflamed that they are extremely painful. Along the same lines, intense inflammation may inhibit your ability to breathe properly, making them a relatively serious issue. Furthermore, having a throat ulcer almost always results in weight loss. Therefore, people with these ulcers should seek medical attention in an attempt to alleviate the symptoms as quickly as possible. In addition to the causes listed above, acid reflux, bulimia, and syphilis are common factors leading to ulcers of the throat.

In examining the causes, multiple things may lead to a throat ulcer ranging from excessive use of antibiotics to even the contagious herpes disease. By using numerous antibiotics back to back, your healthy bacteria located within your body begins to decrease, even in the throat, resulting in oral thrush (a Candida infection). Furthermore, those with an extremely weak immune system are also more prone to developing these ulcers. Although people with herpes simplex (the contagious strand) have a tendency to develop a throat ulcer, those with shingles around the neck tend to have a problem with these lesions as well.

Obviously with the symptoms being relatively painful and causing extreme discomfort, many seek for treatment options that are sure to combat the lesions as quickly as possible. Most doctors will prescribe some type of gargling solution in an attempt to reduce the pain and swelling of the throat ulcers. However, the exact method of treatment will vary depending on the causes of the ulcer in the first place.

If someone develops a throat ulcer as a result of forced vomiting, as is the case with those suffering from eating disorders such as bulimia, a doctor will make a treatment plan that will include methods for recovering from this disease. On the other hand, patients containing ulcers as a result of bacterial infections may be given antibiotics in combination with medicated mouthwash used for gargling. Anyone suffering from a throat ulcer due to acid reflux disease will more than likely be told to avoid eating anything spicy that will cause an acid reflux flare up.

In the end, there are multiple causes to these lesions that prove to be painful and uncomfortable. The exact prescription of treatment will vary depending on the initial cause. However, it is always advised to avoid consuming anything extremely hot or containing a surplus of spices when combating a throat ulcer. The key to treatment is alleviating the pain and swelling, as well as ensuring the cause (i.e. bacteria) is effectively treated (antibiotics). Those who believe they may have a throat ulcer are advised to seek medical attention for proper diagnosis and treatment as soon as development occurs.