Treadmill Vs Elliptical

Treadmill vs. Elliptical - An Interesting Argument

When one first looks into a treadmill vs. elliptical comparison, it might seem to be a given that since the elliptical machine is the much newer kid on the block, it must have some significant advantages over the tried and true treadmill, which has been around a good many years. One might also make an assumption that in a treadmill vs. elliptical machine comparison, the elliptical machine would probably cost the most. After all, the mechanics of a treadmill are pretty straight forward, walk, jog, or run, while changing the speed and/or inclination of the ramp.

As it turns out, each machine has is selling points over the other, in fact if you really want an excellent aerobic workout, dividing your workout session between the treadmill, the elliptical machine, and a stationary bike will really burn calories, while improving your stamina and toning your muscles. A super workout program.

Advantages Of The Treadmill - For those who are into a serious running program, or participating in marathons, the treadmill is hard to beat as a substitute for running out of doors. One gets essentially the same feeling in your body and legs as if you were running on the ground, be it on the level or going up a hill. One can even run downhill on some treadmills though the slope is usually not more than a degree or two. For exercising the leg muscles, the treadmill is possibly the better choice, or at least it is a long ways from going out of fashion.

Advantages Of The Elliptical - The elliptical has its advantages as well. Since movement of the legs is done by pushing on pedals, and not running on a hard surface, the joints do not experience the impact and jarring one experiences on a treadmill. As your foot moves the pedal follows. Once can get the same workout in terms of energy expended as one can get on a treadmill without the constant impact on the knee and ankle joints. The other advantage the elliptical offers is you are grasping adjustable handlebars instead of a stationary horizontal bar (or not holding onto anything), and your upper body gets more of a workout, something the treadmill does not intrinsically provide.

A third advantage to the elliptical is that most models allow you to go in reverse, working your leg muscles in a totally different way. This is not quite the same as walking or jogging backwards on a treadmill (don't try running backwards). On the elliptical it is more like pedaling a bicycle backwards, but with some resistance.

The Prices May Surprise You - Since the elliptical appears to offer somewhat more of a variety in what you can do on the machine, plus the fact that it is more recent than the stodgy old treadmill, it must therefore be a great deal more expensive. It may come as a surprise to some when looking at treadmill vs. elliptical prices, but the elliptical is generally the less expensive of the two, in terms of the quality of the particular model.  Of course, for any workout machine you get what you pay for. One can purchase an elliptical machine for not much more than $100, but if used regularly, a machine at that price probably wouldn't hold up for very long at all. A good treadmill costs several hundred dollars, and can cost well over a thousand, as it has to take a beating, and should take that beating for a good many years without breaking down.

Purchase the best machine you can afford, and if you can afford it, purchase a treadmill and an elliptical. If not, purchase the machine you feel is best for you. It's not a matter of which is better; it's a matter of what you're trying to accomplish.