Treatment For Bruises

A Few Common Treatment for Bruises

Treatment for bruises may be something that appeals to you if you bruise easily.  No one really enjoys walking around with large dark circles all over their body.  Many people will often want to know what they can do in order to help decrease some of these unsightly marks.  This article is going to examine some of the common ways that you can treat these marks.

The first treatment for bruises that is going to be discussed is simply resting the bruised area.  This is going to help the area heal much faster because you will not be placing any pressure on the area.  This is going to help the muscles heal and help the swelling and color begin to decrease.  That is the ultimate goal so take the time to rest the area if you can.

The next treatment for bruises that you could try would involve applying ice to the area that is bruised.  This is going to help keep the bruise for spreading to other areas. This is a good thing as well because you do not want the bruised area to become even larger.  That would be defeating the purpose.  You will not want to leave the ice on the location for long periods at one time.  You will want to leave the ice on for a while and then remove it for a while.  You will want to continue this process, back and forth.  This is going to help keep the muscles from becoming numb, which could result in more complications.

You can talk to the doctor about getting some sort of an elastic wrap that you can place around the area.  This is going to help keep decrease the amount of blood that is flowing to the bruised area.  This will help keep the color of the bruise from getting worse.  It is also going to help the area heal a lot faster.  Be sure that you are not cutting of total circulation to the area.  This would be harmful to you and you do not want to create any tissue damage.

If it is possible, you can keep the area that is bruised elevated above the level of your heart.  This will help decrease the amount of blood flow going to that area as well.  You will notice that if you are keep in the area above the heart and resting it, the bruise is going to get better a lot faster.  Treatment for bruises are helpful but you need to keep in mind that they are not going to work overnight unless you do them correctly.  Making an effort to combine treatments will also help the effectiveness.

Vitamin K is known to help the body increase its blood absorption.  You can help decrease bruising by taking the time to rub cream on the effected area that has vitamin K in it.  This is going to help the body absorb the blood that is around the effected area.  This will ultimately decrease the bruising.

Because there are so many different types of treatment for bruising you can try any number of them in order to help decrease the color and heal the effected area.  You may find that one certain treatment works better for you than another type of treatment.  When you find one that works, you should continue to use it.  If you are not satisfied with any of the treatments you have tried, you can always talk to your doctor about your options.  He or she is going to be able to give you some advice that may help you heal your bruises.