Tummy Pain

A Possible Cause of Tummy Pain

Tummy pain can be uncomfortable for anyone to experience.  There can be serious complications related to this type of pain if you do not take the time to find out what is causing it and how you can help cure it.  This brief article will look at what may cause this pain and some things that you need to do in order to get help for your symptoms.

The tummy is another word for the stomach.  Everyone experiences a stomach ache from time to time.  However, tummy pain that is sharp or severe should be thought of differently from an upset stomach.  The stomach is in charge of mixing the food you ate with acid that will help break it down for digestion.  If the stomach is suffering from damage the acid will not work and the food will not digest properly.  If tummy pain is untreated it could lead to complications or disease within the body.  Many times you may find out that you have stomach ulcer.  This would need to be treated.  Once it is treated, your tummy pain may go away.  Different medications may be used to give you relief and get rid of the ulcer.  Your physician will be able to prescribe what he or she feels is best for your ulcer.

The ulcer itself is caused from damage to the gastrointestinal tract within your body.  If the ulcer is a peptic ulcer, this means that there is a small hole in the layer of the gastrointestinal tract.  Sensitivity to your gastrointestinal tract can be caused by acid from the stomach.  It could also be caused by a tiny bacterium that is called H pylori.  This also results in an ulcer named after the bacterium itself.  There are numerous different symptoms related to tummy pain and possible stomach ulcers.  Many of these include indigestion or heartburn, nausea, vomiting, or even weight loss.  This person may not have an appetite and he or she may even begin to find blood in his or her stool when they use the restroom.

The food that you eat can create some of these problems.  You should be aware of the foods you eat that may contain large amounts of acid.  You should avoid these foods if they result in tummy pain.  You should also speak to your doctor about a diet that will give you the nutrients and vitamins you need without creating more stomach pain for you.  You should also consult a physician if this pain makes it difficult to move or breathe.  You want to remain healthy and severe tummy pain can often be an indication that something is wrong.

If you have a small child that is complaining of tummy pain you should ask him or her to explain what they mean by this.  You want to know what type of pain this actually is.  It is sharp pain, where is it located, how long have they had it?  You do not want to simply write it off as an upset stomach because it may actually be more than this.  Make sure you monitor it closely and call your child’s doctor if it does not improve or continues to get worse.  If it does go away, you may still want to mention it to the doctor at your child’s next visit.  Make a note of the exact symptoms for the doctor so that he or she will have a better understanding of what it may be when you do talk to them.  Also, if you feel that it was caused by something more serious than the doctor believes, get a second opinion.