Antifungal Soap

Varieties of Antifungal Soap

There are many different varieties of antifungal soap available today. Some are geared towards treating athlete’s foot, and some are geared towards killing other types of fungus stemming from bacteria found in plants, as well as yeast ridden objects. Being a label reader is now more important for people than it ever was before, so that you know what you are paying for.



Antifungal Soap for Candida

For many women, an antifungal soap for Candida is a welcome relief. Candida is what most women refer to as a “yeast infection”. Any woman who suffers from Candida will want to look for a soap that has just what is needed to kill it. Tea tree oil kills fungus on contact, but it does take time for the infection to go away. You can tea tree oil soap at almost any health food store, and there are recipes available that you can make it on your own. Many women find that if they buy the oil, they can dump into their bath water, and that method is very effective. Also, you buy just a regular bar of tea tree oil soap and use that as well. Tea tree oil soap is a great soap to treat a fungus, and it’s very healing to the skin. Many people have used it to treat rashes and other ailments such as poison ivy and dermatitis.

Kill Viruses and Fungus

Soap seems like a mild remedy for trying to attack fungus and many other types of bacteria, but the truth is a good antifungal soap can mean everything when it has the proper ingredients. In fact, basic soap can be very helpful and the lack of hand washing is what is causing pandemic to reach our schools, causing horrible viruses, colds, and other intense illnesses that once they have been caught are hard to get rid of. The lack of hand washing can take out a schools attendance, and can affect those who work in a call center environment.

Soaps that fight fungus simply have strong, antiseptic properties to kill what is at the surface of your skin. These soaps are formulated so that they can be used on a daily basis, and will have no ill effects on your skin. The soap will simply do what it was designed to do, and provide you with some relief. Because these soaps are anti-fungal in nature, they are safe for every part of the body. In fact, because they are usually based from essential oils they have the underlying ability to moisturize skin.

Antifungal soap is also effective in relieving you from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and even acne. Acne is believed to be caused strictly by fungus, but there is some speculation over this. The idea is easy to accept that acne comes from dirt getting into your pores and clogging them, which causes the acne to develop. It would only make sense though, that in such a small space such as your pores, bacteria would certainly be able to grow if that pore has no room to breathe due to the dirt that has gotten into the pore. So, any soap that is used to kill fungus is certainly safe to use on your face. As always, be careful when washing the face so that you don’t get soap into your eyes.

One powerful soap that has gained some popularity over the past few years is the Gold Bar from Melaleuca. This company is similar to Mary Kay cosmetics in that it allows families the opportunity to explore working from home. They allow you to get products at a discounted rate, and then resell them if you wish. The Gold Bar is made from essential oils, but primarily Melaleuca Oil which also kills fungus on contact. This soap made from essential oils doesn’t break down quickly, so it will last you quite awhile as well. You get two benefits in one. If you aren’t sure what you should use, consult with your doctor first before you begin trying an antifungal soap.