Atypical Migraine

Information on an Atypical Migraine

If you suffer from terrible headaches you may have been told by your doctor that were suffering from an atypical migraine.  You may be wondering what that is.  This article is going to explain what this type of migraine this is.  You may want to continue reading if you have experienced these types of headaches in the past.   You may even learn something that will help you.

What you need to remember about an atypical migraine is that it is a headache that does not have all of the characteristics of a migraine.  In order to understand better, we should probably take a few moments and discuss what a migraine headache is.  This is a type of headache that is usually on one side of the head.  The individual experiencing it is most likely going to feel sick to their stomach as well.  This person is going to also have a very difficult time being exposed to light and hearing noise.  These things tend to make the headache worse.

Now, someone who is experiencing an atypical migraine is going to experience many of the symptoms discussed above but he or she is not going to have a headache.  Interesting, is it not?  Children may often complain of having many of these symptoms without a headache.  They may also talk about having abdominal pain or they may say that their face hurts.

It is very difficult to diagnosis a migraine headache and an atypical migraine is even more difficult.  Many times, these types of headaches are often thought to be sinus infections.  However, if you are experiencing these symptoms, you need to talk to your doctor.  You need to let him or her know about all of your pain, where it is located, how long it often lasts, and when it occurs.  You should also have information related to your family’s medical history ready as well.  This is going to be very valuable when you talk to your doctor so that they will know if these types of headaches run in the family.  It is very important to give the doctor as much information as possible.  You want to let him or her know if you have been diagnosed with an atypical headache in the past. This is important information for them to know so that they can help make an accurate diagnosis.

When it comes to treatment, there are several different options that the doctor has.  Some types of treatment are going to work better on other certain types of headaches.  That is why it is so important for you to help your doctor understand what is going on.  There are numerous different types of headaches that can be experienced and other diseases may cause symptoms similar to those of a headache.  You want your doctor to have as much information as possible so that he or she can be sure they are diagnosing you accurately.  With an accurate diagnosis comes an accurate treatment.

If you have ever experienced an atypical migraine, or a normal migraine for that matter, you know that they can be very painful and they are not fun to experience.  You want to be sure that you are getting the help you need to combat them.  This is needed so that you can function and get back on your feet.  It may even be a good idea to start keeping a journal of the headaches.  This is going to help you accurately report to your doctor what is going on.  Be sure to document everything accurately each time that you experience this pain.