Candida Detox

Candida Detox Is Not Always An Easy Path To Follow

When undergoing a period of candida detox, one will hopefully experience the desired positive results. This is normally the case, as candida, a yeast infection, generally is a curable condition and responds well to treatment. This of course is what you want to see in any type of disease of medical disorder.

A candida infection usually strikes an area of the body which is dark, warm, and moist. In the human body this is typically a body cavity, such as the mouth and throat area, the bowels, or the vagina. There are also cases of candida affecting internal organs but these are rather rare. One of the more common occurrences of candida is in the mouth where its symptoms are evident as a white coating on the tongue, and perhaps other areas of the mouth. The white coating can be accompanied by inflammation, and in the extreme, by open sores, which of course can be quite painful, especially if they are present in the area of the throat.

Detox Not Always A Simple Process - The candida bacteria are normally always present in our bodies, but a candida detox program is seldom required, as our own immune and protective systems keep the bacteria in check. Once in a while though, bacterial growth can get out of hand, and we experience the effects of yeast overgrowth, or candida. When this happens, the obvious path for treatment would be a prescribed antibacterial medicine. Even an over the counter medicine can, and often will, do the job. Therein lies a problem. If the treatment or cure is too effective, large amounts of the candida bacteria will be killed. This of course is the goal. The problem is, when candida bacteria die off, toxins are released from the dead bacteria, and enter the body. Candida detox and the accompanying candida die off; can result in poisons entering into our system, with all that may entail. The symptoms may be mild or barely noticeable, and it is often possible to continue on with the candida detox treatment as if nothing is happening. On the other hand, symptoms can be quite severe at times, bringing with them great discomfort and the detox program may need to be interrupted. It is not uncommon to treat candida by stages of detoxification to keep the candida die off symptoms in check.

It's More Than Just Killing Bacteria - Candida detox then involves more than simply taking a spoonful of medication over a prescribed period of time. Besides ridding itself of harmful agents, our bodies must also start repairing the damage that these agents have done. In this case it is the damage caused by the die off toxins which must be repaired. Our bodies can't always fight an infection or a toxin and do repair work at the same time. A course of treatment is needed whereby the candida is being eliminated, but not too quickly, the toxins as they are being produced by the die off are being neutralized, and damaged tissues and cells are allowed to undergo repair.

Candida detox treatment often consists of a combination or prescribed medication, attention to diet, and attention to lifestyle. The patient will often be asked to drink plenty of water, avoid stress, take vitamin supplements, and get plenty of rest. All of these help the body in both fighting the disorder and getting on with the healing process.

For many sufferers of the disorder, candida detox can be accomplished in a week or two, with the patient only experiencing mild side effects. This is the most common situation. More unfortunate sufferers may have to go through several weeks of treatment, perhaps even months, striving to find the right balance of killing off the bacteria, not too much too fast. Should you fall victim to a candida disorder, it's very important to seek medical attention immediately so that you can get on with a course of treatment that will keep your discomfort to a minimum. If lifestyle changes are indeed needed, you might even find that these changes are well worth making permanent.