Candida Tongue

Candida On The Tongue - Good Or Bad?

Candida on the tongue is not a terribly common disorder, but if you have it you'll generally know it, as your tongue will have a white coating. It's not unusual to experience a coated tongue at times, especially when we're ill. The condition usually doesn't last long, so we often don't give it further thought.

Candida on the tongue can be a different story however. It is a fungal infection and something you definitely want to get rid of. A fungus likes a location where it is warm, moist, and dark, and the inside of the mouth fits that need to perfection. We will always have a fungus of one type or another in our mouth, or on our tongue, but that seldom is any cause for concern, or even a problem. It's a natural situation. If the fungus population gets out of control however, which is the case with Candida, we are faced with a different problem entirely. Fortunately it's a problem for which there is usually an easy cure.

Also Known As “Thrush” - Candida can occur on various parts of the body, anywhere that the fungus finds a hospitable place to multiply. When it occurs in the mouth, and particularly on the tongue it is called "thrush". Candida on the tongue, or thrush, is fairly common in babies. In fact babies can get it at both ends, in the mouth and at the other end where it is called diaper rash! Treatment for each type is different of course. People with HIV are also susceptible to Candida on the tongue, as a weakened immune system can allow the condition to occur. The same is true for individuals having certain types of cancer. Poor oral hygiene can contribute to an onset of the condition, as can the use of certain antibiotics. There are other disorders which can contribute to the formation of fungus on the tongue, but most of these are rather rare.

Try Yogurt First - Although there are a number of over the counter drugs available to fight Candida, many are topical solutions which are meant for other parts of the body and not for inside the mouth. Insofar as Candida on the tongue is concerned, among the best and quickest treatments is to eat plain yogurt, making certain that the yogurt is labeled "active culture". The culture in the yogurt will very effectively fight the fungus infection, preventing the fungus from multiplying. Plain yogurt is specified, as a flavored yogurt may contain sweeteners which will encourage fungal growth, thus offsetting the benefits of the yogurt culture. Also the yogurt should contain Acidophilus to be even more effective. Otherwise Acidophilus pills can be purchased over the counter. A salt water rinsing of the mouth several times a day will also help in reducing and eliminating the fungus population.

If medical treatment is required, and it certainly should be sought if the condition is severe or home remedies such as yogurt do not seem to be having any effect, anti fungal medications will likely be prescribed. Either a medical doctor or a dentist can be consulted for treatment.

An Ounce Of Prevention - Although a white tongue may not seem like the most serious of disorders, be aware that Candida can spread, and will if given half a chance. It can easily spread to the esophagus where it can cause some real problems. It can also spread to another person. In other words, don't kiss anyone who has thrush or oral Candida, and if you have it don't kiss anyone either. A white tongue is a present you really don't want to give anyone. Candida on the tongue can normally be avoided completely by following good oral hygiene practices. Brushing teeth regularly supplemented, by a good flossing is probably the best preventative. Mouthwashes in general should be avoided or only used occasionally. A healthy diet, one low in sugars, will also be of benefit.