China Slim Tea

Facts About China Slim Tea

People who are desperately trying to lose weight are trying china slim tea. This tea makes the claim that it can help a person lose up to ten pounds in a week and it is becoming popular with people who are looking for an instance remedy for weight loss. But it is still unclear if china slim tea is healthy for the body or if it actually works.

Pooh tea is another name for this type of tea and there is a good reason for that. The first three ingredients are sennae based.  Sennae is a natural laxative and it has also been used in Chinese medicine for many years. It is considered a diuretic drink and used primarily to lose weight.

China slim tea comes in a package of individual tea bags. It states that the user should use a teabag with one cup of hot water and the tea should be steeped for two minutes. After it is ready it is suggested that honey be used to sweeten the taste. The user is supposed to drink one cup of this tea, before every meal. But many people who have tried the product are saying that this is impossible.

People have complained that drinking china slim tea three times a day can cause severe cramping and diarrhea, even if they do not steep the tea for more than a minute. Because of the levels of sennae, not many people could handle three cups and had to reduce their intake to one cup a day.

Another complaint about china slim tea was the taste. Although on the package of tea it suggests that you use honey to sweeten it, it doesn’t change the flavor. The tea is very strong and pungent but even with these complains there are still people who love this tea.

Many people who have tried china slim tea use it on a daily bases and claim that it does help them to lose weight. They do not mind the flavor and they say the tea is soothing. But most of the people who are having positive results are noticeably using the product correctly.

Since this tea is a diuretic it is suppose to be used to aid weight loss. When a person follows a low calorie, low fat diet and includes exercise, the tea seemed to help. But it didn’t have the same affects on people who over ate. The people who did not have healthy eating habits experienced diarrhea and cramping more frequently than the people who were attempting to lose weight. So it is safe to say that china slim tea does not work miracles. It is to be used in addition to eating right and exercise. Any other type of use can cause damage to the body.


When a person has diarrhea for an extended period of time they are losing essential vitamins and nutrients. They may also become dehydrated. Both of these things are not healthy. When you start drinking china slim tea you might experience one or two days of loose stools. But you will have to cut down your intake if it persists over time.

The sennae in china slim tea can be addictive. After using this product for a long period of time, people have had a hard time returning back to normal bowel movements. Their bodies became dependent on the tea to use the bathroom and when they stopped they experienced long bouts of constipation. It is not recommend that anyone use this product for over six months.

When it comes to losing weight the best way to do it is to follow a healthy diet and include exercise. There are no overnight cures. But there are things they can help if you are already trying.