Colon Spasms

Understanding Colon Spasms

Colon spasms occur when your bowel muscles begin to contract and you do not have any control over these muscles.  Because your muscles can become very tight or very loose you need to remember that this can cause you to have diarrhea and/or become constipated.  These spasms are most often caused by different disorders such as diverticulitis and colitis.

Frequent colon spasms may also be called irritable bowel syndrome.  There are numerous different symptoms that go along with this disorder.  You may suffer from severe pains in the stomach area.  You may also experience a lot of gas in that area as well.  This may cause you to feel bloated and like you have a full rectum.  These feelings can be very uncomfortable.  You will most likely have these feelings after you have eaten a big meal.  You might feel better after you have used the restroom but this is usually only temporary.

Individuals who are suffering from colon spasms are most likely going to be dealing with some stress issues in their lives as well.  These nerves and muscles are also going to be irritated by anxiety and constant worry.  Because of mental health issues that can cause part of the problem, it is often recommended that individuals who are dealing with colon spasms on a regular basis should undergo some type of counseling as well as other treatments that are recommended by his or her doctor.  This is a healthy way for him or her to deal with stressful issues and anxiety that he or she may be facing.  Once these issues are addressed, he or she may begin to feel better and their colon spasms may begin to decrease.

There is no cure for colon spasms.  However, there are some things that can be done in order to help reduce the symptoms and help you feel better.  You can start by trying to control the amount of stress that you are under.  Find ways to avoid stress if at all possible.  You can also find ways to alleviate any stress that you are having at the time. Next, you will want to watch your diet.  You will need to eat more fiber and make this an important part of your diet.   You will want to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.  You will then want to avoid eating food that is going to cause you to have more gas than usual.  You will want to start keeping a food diary.  This is going to allow your doctor the opportunity to see what you have been eating and what may be causing you to feel sick.  You may get closer to identifying the cause of your colon spasms.  You can then eliminate these foods from your diet all together.

Sometimes, medication may help get rid of some of the symptoms and decrease your colon spasms.  You can always talk to your doctor about different medications that are available to you for this problem.   Your doctor is going to be able to tell you want may help your symptoms and help make you feel better.  Increasing the amount of water that you drink throughout the day can also help with colon spasms.  You will want to drink eight eight ounces of water each day.  Learn to avoid the foods that are brining the symptoms on.  This will most likely make a large difference once you simply learn to control your diet and what you are taking into your body.  You will also want to avoid drinking alcohol.  This will make your colon spasms worse.