Cracked Toenail

Things That Can Cause A Cracked Toenail

A cracked toenail can be painful but it can also be a symptom of another problem you are having with your feet and toes. Most people who have this condition may have had an accident or blunt injury to the toe. You if are not sure why you have a cracked toenail you make want to make an appointment with a podiatrist. He will be able to determine why you are having this problem.



The shoes you are wearing may also cause problems with the toes. If your feet and toes do not have ample air and they are constantly covered, sweaty and moist this can lead to many foot and toenail problems. This is the perfect environment for infections and the yellowing and chapping of toenails.

Wearing toenail polish can cause a cracked toenail. You can also have problems with acrylic nails. Anything that traps moisture on the nail bad can cause a fungal infection. This causes nails to turn a yellow or even green color and parts of the nail can also separate from the nail bed. Cracking and chipping can also occur and although this condition may not be painful, you will want to clear it up as soon as possible. You can start by removing nail polish and any acrylics from your nail bed. There are many anti fungal crèmes you can get to heal this problem. But you must use them consistently to see results. If your nail fungal problem cannot be cured with crèmes, your podiatrist might prescribe an anti fungal pill that can eliminate the problem.

Psoriasis or eczema can cause itching and chapped skin as well as a cracked toenail. These skin conditions affect mainly the skin but also do damage to the nail bed area. If you have these conditions and have not noticed a change in nails until now, mention it to your doctor. You may need a stronger or different medication for the toenails.

Any chemical can also affect the nails and skin. Things like gasoline, oil or even household cleaners can damage and change the color of nail beds. They can weaken the nail bed and make it frail and cracked before you even notice the damage. To avoid this you must thoroughly wash any area that has come in contact with the harmful chemical right away. You may want to wear plastic gloves or foot protection if you will be using these chemicals and make sure to dispose of them correctly after use.

A blunt crushing injury can certainly damage a toenail bed. But when an injury has caused a cracked toenail, you should see a podiatrist immediately especially if the nail is separated from the skin. When this happens it opens up the sensitive skin under the nail to bacterial infections and not only are they very painful, but puss and fluids may start to form under the nail. The only way to relieve the pressure is to have a hole drilled into the nail to release the fluids. So it is important to see a doctor right away if this happens. After this type of injury the nail may also completely fall off. You will notice that the injured nail bed is not healing and becoming more yellowed and cracked. Over time a new nail will come in under the old one and completely push the nail out. There is no need to see a doctor about this problem as long as there is no sign of infection.

If you have a cracked toenail and do not know where you got it, keep a close eye on it for a few days. It may heal on its own or you may need to make a trip to the doctor to pin point the problem.