White Spots On Toenails

What are Those White Spots on Toenails?

White spots on toenails can be traced to two things. Depending on where your white spots started is how you know. If your toenail has a white spot that is beginning at the tip and going towards your toe this may be a sign of toenail fungus. If your toe’s white spot is at the cuticle end of the toe and is not ‘traveling” but moves as the nail grows than its likely just a minor bruising of your nail, and its nothing to be to worried about.


If indeed you feel this may be foot fungus or more specifically toenail fungus this may be caused by a few things. Looking into further detail will help you decide if this is something you can fix with an over the counter or if it will require medical intervention.

First think of what a fungus is and how it grows. Humid and dark places are fungus heaven, basically your sweaty shoes. A first step to take is to air out your feet. Take a look at the shoes you are wearing, perhaps they are too old and are accumulating bacteria, those old lucky gym sneakers can’t be that lucky for that long. Having a variety of shoes to choose from is a good idea, also using a shoe spray that kills bacteria and odors. Give time between wearing to help alleviate fungus.

Open toe shoes can be very beneficial and of course nobody wants to be seen with foot fungus but at least around your home try to keep your feet cool and dry. Avoid moist, humid temperatures for your feet. Sport some trendy sandals or occasionally walk barefoot in your home. Those big fluffy slippers are big No-no during summer time they can breed bacteria especially if you are wearing them all day long. Sweaty feet need time to cool off and stay dry.

Keep your nails trimmed and your nail clippers clean between uses. Cut and file the infected nail to reduce the appearance of white spots on toenails but don’t over cut as this might hurt in the long run. Make sure not to use the nail clippers from an infected toenail over to the healthy nails or your fingernails.

Remember that toenail fungus is a form of yeast and can be exacerbated by eating things that alter yeast like sugar and carbohydrates that turn into sugars in the body. This increases the fungus growth. Consider that while you are treating the fungus you don’t completely have to stop eating these for the rest of your life.

Buying an over the counter nail fungus ointment or drops for white spots on toenails is tricky. There are so many different brands and types to choose from. Searching for product reviews and recommendations from others whose condition compares to your own is a good idea.

Search ingredients carefully, most of these over the counter fungal creams do not contain that many chemicals but some can counteract medicines you may be taking. If you are a woman on birth control pills or patches search for what types of fungal creams you can use. Certain fungal creams can reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills.

If your toe nail is very thick and brittle and your fungus has lasted a very long time its time to seek a doctor. The prescription medication for toenail fungus is normally given both orally and as a topical ointment and can be very pricy. There are alternative home made remedies for white spots on toenails but if you have an illness like diabetes where sugar can sometimes be out of control this will make your fungus worse, always consult your physician and do not take medical care to your own hands.