Cracking Your Back

Ways of Cracking Your Back Alone or With a Friend

Cracking your back can bring immediate relief from tension caused by stress, and it can be done in a few different ways – on your own or with a friend. While cracking the back can feel good and is usually not unhealthy, the same is not true for cracking your neck. Refrain from cracking the neck because it can lead to strains and other problems. If you are having problems with your neck, see a doctor a chiropractor for assistance.

Cracking Your Back – Do It Yourself
> Sitting in a chair.
Begin by sitting upright, then reach your right hand across your body and grab onto the left side of the chair. Turn your body as you reach over and get a good stretch. Hold the position until you get a decent stretch or when your back cracks.

> Lying on the floor.
Lay on your back with your left leg bent and your right leg straight out. Without moving your torso, bring your left knee down and stretch it over your right leg. Hold the position while you feel the stretch in your back. Switch your leg position and repeat on the other side for a complete stretch.

Lay face down with your legs straight and hips square to the floor. Slowly lift and turn your body until you are resting on your right shoulder. Next stretch your left arm out behind you. Keep your arm as straight as you can and hold it to stretch or crack your back. Lay flat again and repeat by resting on the left shoulder and stretching your right arm across your back.

> Sitting on the floor.
Begin with your left leg bent in front of you and your right leg bent underneath your body. Lift your left leg and put your foot down on the outside of your right leg. Next grab your left leg with your right arm and twist your body to the left, using your leg for leverage. Hold the position for a good stretch or until you feel your back crack. Change the position of your legs and repeat this on the opposite side to complete the stretch.

Cracking Your Back – Do It With A Friend
Cracking your back is a bit easier – and more fun too – when you have someone around to help you out. Here are a few back stretches for two:

> Standing front to back
Stand in front of your partner with your arms crossed in front of you, right hand on your left shoulder and left hand on your right shoulder. The partner stands behind you and reaches around, taking hold of your elbows – right hand to left elbow, left hand to right elbow. Next the partner gently pulls the elbows backward while at the same time leaning forward against your back.


> Standing back to back
Put your arms over your head and have your partner hold gently to your arms as they bend forward. While your partner bends over, arch your back and lean into their motion, stretching into a backbend.

> The Doormat
For this stretch, you should work with a partner that is lightweight. Lay face down on the floor and have your partner walk along your spine, stepping to each side up and down your back. The partner should be barefoot and steer clear of the lower back so as not to cause injury.

As with any exercise, proceed with caution and move slowly. If back problems seem to be chronic or persistent, it may be a good idea to see a doctor or chiropractor for help with adjusting or aligning your back.