Eyesight Problems

All About Eyesight Problems

There are a number of eyesight problems that people can experience and there are some that are actually quite common. Some of these more common eyesight problems include the loss of your peripheral vision, which can signal the possibility of glaucoma, the loss of central vision is the type of problem that arises when people age. Irritated eyes can be the sign of allergies or even an infection. Contact wearers are more susceptible to these kinds of eyesight problems. Other problems can include blurred vision, light sensitivity, or color loss. These are also all problems that should send you to your ophthalmologist for an examination.

How Modern Technology Contributes

Eye problems are becoming more and more common with the surge of modern technology including computers, big screen TVs, laptops, and i-pods. While most people would agree that they cannot live without these luxuries it must be considered that these items do, in fact, harm our eyes. Astigmatism is extremely common and is one of the eye problems that can be caused from the computer. When a person has this condition, things that are farther away might appear to be wavy or even blurry. People that are using computers on a daily basis usually develop light sensitivity, dry eyes, and eyestrain. Attempting to focus and the constant movements of the eyes when working on a computer adds a lot of strain.

Higher Risk

Because eyesight problems can develop quite quickly it is best if you see an eye doctor annually if you are over 65 years of age and at least every other year under the age of 65. People that suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes might be asked to see the eye doctor even more often. During these visits the doctor will check your eyes for glaucoma by measuring your pressure and many times the doctor will dilate your eyes so he can check out your retinas and find any damage or problems.

Self Help Measures

There are some self help measures that you can take to prevent any future eyesight problems. Always protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses, do not smoke or drink alcohol, make sure that diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are all managed routinely, and eat plenty of leafy and green vegetables since they are filled with antioxidants.


Other ways to prevent eyesight problems is to monitor your work areas and make sure that your equipment is working for you and not against you. You can do this by of course, monitoring the amount of time that you spend on the computer. This is most important for continual use so make sure that every 20 minutes that you are working on the computer you look and focus on something else for at least 20 seconds. Make sure that your computer screen are set up so they are below eye level by about four inches. Also, make sure that the monitor is about two feet in front of you. Always prevent computer glare by turning the monitor away from the glare. Eliminate dry eyes by always remembering to blink, even when you are engrossed in something else.

Eye Health

It is very important to take good care of your eyes. Life without the ability to see would certainly change the quality of the life that you lead. Most of the time eyesight problems are minor and can be corrected with a pair of glasses or contact lenses. This should never be taken for granted though because there are times when the problem can become more serious. Regular visits to the eye doctor are necessary to maintain proper eye health.