Fatty Cyst

Important Information About Fatty Cyst

A small to medium sized, fluid filled bump anywhere on your body could be evidence of a fatty cyst. They can remain unnoticed and depending on the fluid or substance within the fatty cyst, they can be painless. But the reasons why we get these cysts can vary.

The fatty cyst is not generally a serious condition. It usually is a result of a closed off hair follicle. This can happen in an area where shaving is done, like the legs or face. But it can also be from a new hair loss problem. If the pores on the skin are blocked in any way a fluid sac starts to form.

There are substances that naturally come out of our pores. Sweat due to excessive exercise and natural oils are two examples. When any pore is blocked these substances have no way to exit the body. So the fluid is gathered in a sac that sits right below the skin surface. The correct term for the contents of the sac is sebum. The epidermis produces this sebum and it is thick white and resembles puss.

A fatty cyst can form for a few reasons. This varies in men and women. Women may get one of these cysts by shaving in the same area, causing a pore to be blocked. She can also get a cyst by using old make up that is loaded with bacteria. Men have a different problem. These cysts are easily formed by a rise in testosterone. If this is the case a man might get several cysts all over his face, back and behind his ears. Because testosterone also can cause baldness this increases his chance to get these cysts. The combination of hair loss and extra testosterone almost insures that men suffer with these cysts more than women.

The cause of these cysts can also be hereditary. Some families are pre destined to get a fatty cyst because of their genes. If one person in your family has frequent cysts, you too may eventually suffer from them. They can even show up in the same areas that a sibling gets them and can be different types of cysts. These can include ovarian, ganglion and angiomas cysts.

A fatty cyst is round in shape and can be either very small or large depending on the severity. They generally are not painful but if they become infected they can be not only painful but can also need to be surgically removed. Since the fatty cyst sac is filled with fluid it is smooth to the touch it may not become irritating and does not have to be removed. But in some cases people might want to get the cyst removed because of its location or for cosmetic reasons. It would be more bothersome on the back of the leg or buttocks, then on the chest area or arm.

Having a fatty cyst removed is a relatively easy procedure. It does not take long and can be done in an office visit. The plastic surgeon can look at the cyst and determine what type it is and if you will need it promptly removed. He can also determine the reason for getting the cyst and how you can avoid getting another in the future. The surgery consists of simply numbing the cyst area and removing the cyst. After that, the surgeon may suture the wound with a few stitches. When it is time to remove the stitches you will have to go back to the surgeon so that he can remove them and assess how the wound is healing. After this simple surgery there are little to no scars that are visible.