Fish Oil Dosage

Appropriate Fish Oil Dosage

The proper fish oil dosage that you should be taking will be determined by the condition that you are attempting to treat with the fish oil.  You will need to complete some research on your condition and then look to see what the recommended dosage actually is related to your problem.  You will not take the same amount of fish oil for every issue that you are facing so you will want to conduct some research before you begin.

If you will be consuming a fish oil supplement in the form of a pill you will need to start your research by determining how much fish oil is actually in one pill.  You need to know this in order to determine how many pills you will need to take.  You can often find this information on the back of the pill bottle.  However, most of the time there is approximately 180 milligrams of EPA along with 120 milligrams of DHA of fish oil in a one gram pill.  This should help you determine how much you need to take.  Be sure to always check the fish oil dosage on the back of the bottle before you begin taking anything.

Fish oil can be taken for a number of things ranging from aging to controlling heart disease.  The amount of fish oil that you take will vary depending on what you are taking the oil for.  For example, if you will be taking the pill for aging then you need to take 1,000 mg twice a day.  However, if you will be taking it for the skin condition eczema you will need to take the same fish oil dosage three times a day.  Now you can see why it is always best to conduct some research before you begin.

Something that is very important to remember is that no matter what fish oil dosage you are taking, this product keeps your body’s blood from clotting.  This is very important to know.  You will want to be sure that you stop taking it approximately two weeks before you have any type of surgeries and you will want to wait at least one week after the surgery before you start taking it again.  Be sure to notify your doctor if you are taking fish oil no matter how small the dosage actually is.

Often times you can get the recommended amount of fish oil dosage that your body needs buy consuming fish in your diet.  However, there may be times that you are not getting enough of this oil through the foods that you eat.  Because of this, you may want to consider taking a fish oil supplement.  You would not be taking this as a way to handle any conditions but rather as a way to help your body get the vitamins and minerals that it needs to remain healthy.  You will need to talk to your doctor about this as well. You do not want to take this supplement incorrectly so you will need to let your doctor know why you want to take it so that he or she can help you find the appropriate amount.

Finding the appropriate fish oil dosage for you should not be that difficult.  With access to the internet you can find the correct dosage for just about anything.  But, this does not mean that you need to follow what you found on the internet.  It is still best to check with your health care professional before you start any type of supplement.  It really does not take that much time to talk to your doctor about this and it really is the best thing you can do.