Vitamin B Benefits

Vitamin B Benefits – What You Should Know

There are numerous vitamin B benefits that you should be aware of.  These vitamins are very important when helping with cell metabolism and this should be remembered when you are thinking about your diet and the foods that you eat.  You can even elevate your mood and decrease anxiety if you decide to take vitamin B.  You will also have more energy.  You may also have an improvement in your memory and the ability to concentrate better.

Vitamin B helps the body break down carbohydrates and turn it into glucose.  The body to make energy then uses this. It also helps you metabolism the fats and proteins that you put in your body. This vitamin may also be the most important vitamin when it comes to assisting the nerves in your body. They are also very important for helping with the muscle tone of your gastrointestinal tract.   It also keeps your skin, eyes, and liver healthy.

There are many different vitamins that fall into the vitamin B family and they can be found in various different foods.  You should always eat a well balanced diet and talk to your doctor about the need for a vitamin B supplement if you feel you are not getting enough.  This is very important because you can suffer from complications if you are not getting enough of this vitamin from your diet.  For example, if you do not have enough B2 you may have anemia or eyes that are sensitive to light.  Poor coordination and confusion can often result if you are not getting enough B6.

On the other hand, it is possible to have too much vitamin B.  This can also result in complications.  If you are getting too much B1 you may suffer from headaches or become very irritable.  You could also suffer from rapid pulse or weakness.  Too much B3 can cause itching or muscle cramps.  Too much B6 can be very dangerous for you because it can cause nerve damage.  This can be irreversible and can cause lifelong damages.

You may want to consider taking a vitamin B complex in order to get the correct amount of vitamin B that your body needs to work properly.  This will also help ensure that you are getting enough folate.  This is very important for pregnant women because this is needed to help the baby grow and develop properly.  Without the proper amounts of folate your baby may have learning disabilities or different growth problems.

There are certain things to keep in mind when thinking about vitamin B benefits.  First of all, if you drink coffee or alcohol you are going to need to increase your intake of vitamin B.  Other factors such as using birth control, drugs or medications to help you sleep may also increase this need. What is interesting to know is that if you do not have the correct amount of vitamin B in your body you may suffer from insomnia.  This may make you ask for a sleeping pill, which will hinder your vitamin B intake.  You may be going through a vicious cycle.

When you are considering talking to your doctor about vitamin B complications make sure that you are aware of your diet and any medications that you are taking.  This will help your doctor understand what some of your complications and symptoms may be caused from.  Vitamin B intoxication or deficiencies need to be taken seriously.  You should also be aware of your diet or any medications that you are taking.  You should also take the time to read up on any side effects of the medications that you are taking.  This is going to help you better understand if they may be hindering your vitamin B intake.