Get Rid Of Depression

Get Rid Of Depression In Your Own Way

You can get rid of depression by your own means, or at least get on the right path. Everyone has the blues at one time or another, and at times life deals us some tough blows, which can bring on bouts of depression, sometimes severe. First off, if you suffer from chronic depression, or depression severe enough that it's affecting your ability to function normally, a self help program may not be sufficient to cure the disease. Seek professional assistance. Deep depression can be a very serious matter, and not something to be experimenting with in hopes of finding a cure on your own.

Whatever the state of depression you're finding yourself in however, there are steps you can take to ease the situation, and in some cases get rid of depression entirely. That's not to say you'll never be depressed again, but once you've successfully fought it off, you're better prepared should it rear its ugly head again. One of the ways to get rid of depression is to assume a warrior's mentality. You’re going to fight as hard as is needed to get control of your life. Depression is often a feeling that you've either lost control or are losing it, you are being overwhelmed by events, or simply feel a sense of impending doom. That's not to say the problems facing you are not real, but you need to find the way to maintain control of your life in the face of those problems.

When someone tells you not to worry about things, it's often good advice, but can sound hollow if you’re faced with a difficult health or financial issue. It's hard not to worry. Putting on a cheery face isn't going to help much either. So what do you do? Here are several things worth considering as you don your warrior's armor, and prepare to do battle to get rid of depression!

At Home Or At Work - Look at the environment you live in. Home, on the job, physical surroundings, lifestyle, friends, and weather just for starters. What can you do to brighten things up? What can you be doing that gives you a sense that you have control of your on destiny? At home, try brightening things up and removing clutter. Check the lighting in your rooms. Replacing a 50 watt bulb with a 100 watt bulb can work wonders, white light or all-spectrum lighting is even better. You don't have to change out all the bulbs in the house, but have at least one brightly lit room that you spend some time in. It's harder to let depression get the upper hand when you're surrounded by bright colors, bright light, and a lack of clutter.

Same for the job. Keep your own workplace tidy, even if others don't do the same. It may be catching. If your job is a source of your depression, look for another job or another assignment. You don't have to advertise you're doing that. That isn't always a good idea. Just don't resign yourself to drudgery or the rat race. Keep your options open as best you can.

Nutrition - Take a look at what you eat. Take a good look. Do your eating habits give you the nutrition your body requires on a daily basis? A vitamin or mineral deficiency can easily be a primary or secondary cause of depression. When our body doesn't get enough of an essential element, is can act in strange and sometimes unpredictable ways. Your depression may be based on inadequate nutrition. This isn't always the case, or even usually the case, but worth looking at in any event.

Be (More) Active - Do you have an active lifestyle? Even active people can suffer from depression, but probably are less likely to. Activity alone is not guaranteed to cure depression, but lack of it can certainly have an opposite effect. Physical activity is a great way to get the mind thinking positive thoughts. Depending upon how you choose to exercise, you can set goals, meet people, challenge yourself, and feel better in the process. Stretching, aerobic exercise, yoga, relaxing techniques, and tai chi are all excellent ways to help keep depression at bay.

Social And Lifestyle Changes - Making changes in your social life can have a major impact. If you don't have a social life, get one! If your present social life is unrewarding, change it. If your friends make you depressed, look for new friends. You don't necessarily have to shed all of your present friends, though in certain cases that can help. Take a look at volunteer work, if only for an hour or two a week. One of the very best ways to help yourself is by helping someone else. You'll actually find that there are large numbers of people out there who have problems far worse than yours.

If you consider yourself religious but are not a churchgoer, try going to church. Join a bible study class. It won't hurt and can definitely help. If the bible study class is filed with people with their own problems, find something else. You don't need that. Chances are better though that you'll find such a class uplifting.


Careful With The Pills - What about pills and medication as the way to get rid of depression? Use a good measure of caution here. Vitamin and mineral supplements can help, and speaking of vitamins, make sure you're getting plenty of vitamin D, by either spending time in the sun or eating foods fortified with vitamin D. There are herbal remedies that are supposed to help fight depression. Do some research here before trying any. Research by the way involves more than reading product descriptions.  If you can, find an expert on nutrition who isn't just trying to sell something. Drugs or alcohol? Don't even think of it.

Eat healthy, get exercise, brighten things up, avoid clutter, help someone, and when you find which of these works, write an article about it - or a book. Become a warrior!