Ingrown Hair Remedy

Ingrown Hair Remedy - How to Get Rid of Unwanted Ingrown Hair

Many people search for an ingrown hair remedy. This article gives you a few remedies for ingrown hair and helps you prevent and remove any hairs you might have. However, the first thing we need to know is the meaning of ingrown hair. Ingrown hair is when a hair grows out of the follicle but then curls back into follicle again and begins to grow in the follicle. It can also happen that the hair does not grow out of the follicle at all but just stays embedded in the follicle. Usually many people tend not to notice as they are never more than just irritations.

A few times though, ingrown hair becomes very painful and may even make you look bad. It is also common to find ingrown hair leading to infections. This condition is most common with people who have very curly hair. The chances, though, are that everybody will get at least once in their lifetime. People who shave regularly will also have to deal with ingrown hair frequently.

The first step of ingrown hair remedy is to identify the ingrown hair. There are many bumps on the face. Not all of these are caused by ingrown hair. Take care to identify ingrown hair. Ingrown hair is also known as razor bumps. They mostly occur on places that people tend to shave regularly. Examples would be the beard or even legs. These hairs usually appear to be similar to a small pimple or cyst. They might also contain some amount of pus. Sometimes, you can spot the hair below the skin.

The second step would be to apply some compress to the area. Get a soft washcloth and wet it with some hot or warm water. This is to soften the skin around the ingrown hair. Press it on the area for quite some time. If the hair is close to the surface, softening the area around the hair will help it come close enough to the surface to remove it. If the hair is not visible below the skin, applying the warm compress on the skin will ensure the hair comes out on top. However, even after ten minutes of warm compress, the hair is not visible, chances are the problem is not ingrown hair and a visit to the dermatologist is recommended.

The next step in ingrown hair remedy would be to remove the hair. Take a needle or a pair of tweezers. It is best to sterilize the needle by running it under some very hot water. Gently tease the ingrown hair out of the skin surface. It will be quite easy not as the area has been softened and the hair is close to the surface. Sometimes ingrown hair grows on the neck. You will not be able to see it and you will need to ask for the help of a friend. Do not dig for the hair. In the process of finding the hair, you might end up damaging the skin around the area. If you choose to use tweezers, there are different varieties available in the market today. You can either buy flat-tipped or pointy tweezers. It is best to choose pointy tweezers as these do the lease amount of damage to the skin.

Now that the ingrown hair has been removed and the hair is now normal with one end out of the skin surface, wash the area carefully. Use some moisturizing soap and warm water. This is instrumental in preventing any infections. Take care to ensure that the skin is not completely dry as this will make the hair grown inwards again. Once the washing is completed, use an antiseptic. This will help provide some extra protection against infection.