Lip Discoloration

Facts About Lip Discoloration

Many people suffer with lip discoloration. It is most apparent in children who have been out in the cold for too long. When the body temperature drops significantly, all of the oxygen is sent to the vital organs to help keep them warm. The skin and lips are deprived of it until the child warms up again. Anytime the body does not have enough oxygen lip discoloration can happen.

There are also many other reasons why a persons lip color may change. Age or general health can also be contributing factors as well as lifestyle. Even though the change in color may not be from anything harmful, it is still is good idea to try and pin point what is causing the lips to change shades.

Respiratory and breathing illness in children may also cause a blue tint to the lip. This is a symptom of croup cough and it is another way the skin and lips are robbed of oxygen and directed elsewhere. A child’s immune system is weaker than adults and sometimes these severe illnesses are too much on a small body. Anytime a child has a bad cough and blue tinted lips they should be seen by a doctor.

Iron deficiencies can turn the lips a blue color. Iron anemia means that the person is deficient in iron. This Iron is a component of hemoglobin and it gives blood its rich red color. So without it the lips become pale and even a gray color. As soon as the person consumes iron the problem will quickly go away.

Smoking cigarettes can cause the lips to change color. In fact, breathing any fumes or heavy smoke can deprive the body of oxygen. Smoke attacks cilia within the lungs and excess mucus builds up making it difficult to breathe. If smoke is congested over long periods of time the sacs within the lungs become out of shape and the lung itself can be permanently damaged.

If a person has a sudden change of lip color and is short of breath with a fast heart rate, they could be having a heart attack. These symptoms indicate that there is a severe problem with the lungs or heart. If the symptoms do not change with in a few minutes, it is important for the person to be seen by a doctor immediately. This is the most dangerous reason for lip discoloration and should be taken very seriously.

Vitiligo is a condition that affects the pigment of the skin. It can also cause lip discoloration. It leaves patches of skin that are white and discolored. Although Caucasian people can have this condition, it is most noticeable on darker skin. Vitiligo usually turns the lip two different colors. The inside of the lip area is patchy and white, while the visible outer lip appears normal.


Because of over exposure to the sun the lips may be discolored with freckles. Just like freckles appear on the face and arms they can also show up on the lips. These freckles are harmless but may not be cosmetically acceptable to women. To avoid freckled lips it is recommended that people purchase a sunscreen for their lips as well as their skin.

Luckily, there are many remedies for lip discoloration. Since blue tinted lips may be a sign of a lack of oxygen, scheduling daily exercise may help keep the blood flowing throughout the body. Drinking plenty of water can also help. To maintain an even color all over the lip area, lime juice can be used as a natural bleaching agent. There are also many kinds of cosmetics to help cover up an unevenly colored lip.