Nose Pores

How to Remove Nose Pores

While pores cover the entire body, it is often nose pores that are the ones people most want to remove. Here, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is that it is impossible to remove nose pores. The good news is that you can reduce the size of the opening of the pore so that it no longer looks as large.




Some people think nose pores look horrible. Other people could care less and many don’t even know there are such things as nose pores. The skin is a living, breathing organ and there are pores everywhere throughout the skin. Skin breathes through its pores.  Without skin pores our skin would stop breathing and die. The pores also allow natural oils to hydrate and moisturize skin.

People who are self-conscious about pores try a lot of different methods to make them smaller and to get rid of blackheads and acne. One way to do this is to open up your skin pores and clean them out. The best method is to use heat to open pores. Either take a hot shower to open up all of your skin pores or simply place a warm, wet cloth over your face for a few minutes.

There are many different ways to open pores and clean them out. One is a chamomile infusion. All you have to do is place some chamomile in boiling water and after it has cooled down, place your face above the bowl for fifteen minutes or so. Nose pores and those elsewhere on the face will open up.

You can also buy pore strips which work anywhere on the body. After you have used warm water to steam open your nose pores, apply a pore strip. You can find pore strips at all pharmacies and many grocery stores. They are much like a Band-aid ™ except they lie flat without the pad in the middle. You just tear off the adhesive trip and apply the strip to your nose, rubbing it on to make sure it sticks. Let it stay on your nose for around fifteen minutes and then pull the strip off. You should be able to see some grit or particles on the strip that were removed from your nose pores. It should remove blackheads as well.

After the pores have been opened, no matter what the technique, you should clean out the inside of the pores even more. This means washing out the pores with a cleanser. There are many you can buy but you can also use lemon juice, which is a natural cleanser, and much cheaper than buying brand-name cleansers.

Dip a cotton ball in your lemon juice and wash your nose with it. This will clear out any dirt or oil left in the nose pores. Next cool your nose so that the open pores can seal themselves shut. When it comes to the skin, heat opens pores and cold closes pores. Place a cold cloth over your face for around fifteen minutes or rub your nose pores with an ice cube.

Once your nose pores are cold they will seal shut and look much smaller than they did before the treatment. Next, moisturize your skin so that they stay looking that way. Every time you wash your face, your skin pores fill with natural oils to keep skin soft. Unfortunately, dirt attaches itself to the oil and skin pores enlarge. You can make oil production slow down by using a moisturizer and only washing your face once a day.

It is when dirt and oil combine in the pores that acne forms along with those miserable blackheads and blemishes. If you cannot reduce your nose pores, you can apply make-up to cover them up. Never go to sleep with the make-up on your face. If you do suffer from large pores and acne, consult with your doctor for the best treatment. Often, medication can solve the problem entirely.