Olive Leaf Side Effects

Fact About Olive Leaf Side Effects

Oleuropein or olive leaf is considered to be a natural antibiotic but many people claim that they have olive leaf side effects. Olive leaf or olive leaf extract is said to fight against fungi, yeasts, bacteria and viruses. It works by seeking out bacteria in the body and rendering it helpless and unable to replicate. Because the olive leaf is sensitive to heat, it may not work as well for some people.

Olive leaf is great for boosting the immune system. It strengthens the body and fights against invading germs. Esteraize and beta glucosidase are natural enzymes that are found in the body. These substances help to convert the olive leaf oleuropein into elolenic acid and this can incredibly boost the immune system.

There are many antibiotics available now that may not work for some people. Because many illnesses are antibiotic resistant, they simply will not help. So people need an alternative to these drugs. Olive leaf extract has been known to help with more than a few of these antibiotic resistant illnesses.

Candida, urinary tract infections and yeast infections are all fungal conditions. Olive leaf extract has been to know ease or even cure these problems, when taken in place of pharmaceutical antibiotic. People suffering with shingles, herpes, and cold sores cannot take an antibiotic for their illnesses because these types of drugs cannot cure viruses. But olive leaf is said to ease all of the symptoms of these diseases. A sore throat and infected teeth and gums can be helped by using olive leaf. It helps to cure the problems associated with gum disease and can stop any fungal infections inside the mouth too.

Although olive leaf seems like a miracle alternative to antibiotics, people have cited that there are a few olive leaf side effects. The olive leaf is thought to be a natural way to detox the body. With any type of product that does this, a person can suffer with harmful side effects. The producers or sellers of the product might claim that the side effects are a part of the process and that is a good thing. But some of these olive leaf side effects can be harmful to your health.

Diarrhea is by far the most common complaint when it comes to taking olive leaf. It is suggested that if a person on this herb has diarrhea, they should cut they dosage in half. But having diarrhea for more than a few days can be dangerous. It can cause dehydration and it can also rob the body of electrolytes. When detoxing the body a person can suffer with lose bowel movements for the few days but the situation should never last a full week.


Another one of the olive leaf side effects can be flu like symptoms with a headache. This is also supposed to be considered normal at first but it is suppose to clear up within a few days. If any medication makes a person feel ill it is probably a good idea to stop taking it and headaches are clear indications that the body is not being benefited by the herb. Joint and muscle aches are also associated with olive leaf and it is said that it causes tiredness and fatigue.

It is unclear if the claims about olive leaf are true. But just like any holistic drug it is not approved by the FDA and its affects have not been studied. There are also specific warnings about taking olive leaf in certain situations. Pregnant women, people with diabetes and people who suffer with high blood pressure are advised not to take olive leaf extract.