Over Exercising

The Problems of Over Exercising

While it’s a good idea to get the proper amount of exercise, getting too much exercise can lead to major problems.  Over exercising can leave you feeling exhausted instead of energized, and can lead to many other issues.  There are many symptoms to look out for that can indicate you might be getting too much exercise, and it can lead to major health concerns and physical issues.  Making sure you get exercise will help you stay healthy and avoid major illnesses and health problems, but it’s important to get the right amount or it can do more harm than good.  Including fitness as part of a healthy diet will help you avoid many problems and enhance overall wellness for the long-term.

Signs of Over Exercising

There are many things that can indicate you might be getting too much exercise.  When you start an exercise program, it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for these symptoms until you grow accustomed to the workout and how your body reacts to it.  Loss of appetite, decreased performance, and increased muscle soreness are among the most common symptoms of over exercising.  Headaches, loss of coordination, and recurrent illness can also be warning signs that you might need to cut back on your workout regimen.  Knowing the proper amount of exercise to get and avoiding the problems are getting too much exercise can be a major problem in many ways.  Other signs of over exercising are depression, gastrointestinal disorders, and an abnormal increase in heart rate.

Problems that Might Arise from Over Exercising

Getting the right amount of exercise can help you combat many health problems.  Exercising and eating right can avoid things like heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses.  Getting too much exercise can lead to many problems as well.  Aside from the fact that it can take valuable time away from other pursuits and important parts of life, it can also lead to injury and illness.  Muscles can be more prone to injury; you can have shin splints, back problems, and other serious problems.  You can avoid these major problems by getting the right amount of exercise.  Too much of a workout can cause muscle damage that could be irreversible and lead to lifelong problems.  If you find yourself exercising past the point of exhaustion or find that you don’t have enough time for the things that really matter, you might be over exercising.

Causes of Over Exercising

There could be many things that cause a person to exercise too much.  One common problem is a distorted body image.  This can cause a person to workout more than is necessary because they think they need to lose weight or fail to see the results that others can plainly see.  This can also be related to eating disorders.  It can also be caused by problems in other areas of your life that need to be dealt with.  Spending too much time at the gym could be a way of avoiding other areas of your life.

If you notice any of the common symptoms of over exercising, it’s a good idea to cut back on your workout time.  Loss of appetite, depression, headaches, and recurrent illness are some of the things you might notice if you spend too much time exercising.  Staying fit is an important part of overall wellness, so it’s important to include a workout regimen in your healthy lifestyle plan.  Avoiding the pitfalls of over exercising can help to preserve your wellbeing and allow you to reap the benefits of an appropriate exercise regimen.  Understanding the right amount of exercise to get is important to your long-term health.