Pineapple Allergy

Interesting Facts about a Pineapple Allergy

While most people know all about food allergies, most are surprised to learn that a person can have a pineapple allergy.  With this, not only would a person experience some type of adverse reaction from eating fresh pineapple but any food with this ingredient.  The type and degree of symptoms for this type of allergy depend on the individual, meaning some people have only slight problems while others can become very ill. 


The most common symptoms associated with this food allergy include:

Again, depending on the individual, a pineapple allergy could produce serious reaction.  For instance, an individual suffering from a severe response might go into anaphylactic shock, perhaps become unconscious, and even face death.  The biggest challenge is that sometimes, a person will be given a wrong diagnosis.  Therefore, it would not be until this fruit was eaten and a reaction occurs that a problem would be known.

The more common types of food allergies are those associated with seafood and nuts, but more and more, fruits are proving to be toxic for some individuals.  The person with a pineapple allergy may show signs of an allergic response immediately, or it could take four to six days to appear.  Of course, an immediate reaction would require urgent intervention, even to the point of calling 911 whereas someone with a delayed response may merely need to be seen by the family doctor.