Tomato Allergy

Some Important Facts About Having a Tomato Allergy

Have you ever wondered if you had a tomato allergy?  This type of allergy is caused by the body having a bad reaction to tomatoes or any type of food that contains tomatoes.  You may have eaten something with this ingredient in the past and suffered from a terrible reaction.  You may have wondered if you were allergic to something you ate.  This brief article will supply you with some of the important facts you may want to know.

A tomato allergy is actually very rare.  However, for individuals that fear they may be allergic to tomatoes it is very important to know which part of the plant is dangerous.  The seeds, skin, and juice are all actually very harmful to someone who suffers from this type of allergy.  It would not be wise to touch the tomato or drink anything that has fresh tomato juice in it.  The reason that fresh tomatoes are stressed here is because sometimes people with a tomato allergy can eat things that have processes tomatoes in them and not suffer from any adverse reactions.  Allergies to foods such as tomatoes can develop at any time.  Just because you are not allergic today does not mean that you will not be allergic tomorrow.  Your reactions to the allergy can also become worse over time.  It may be best to stay away from any food that may have tomatoes or tomato products in them.  You can never be sure if there are fresh tomatoes on something that is mainly made from processed tomatoes.

You may begin with having a runny nose.  Your eyes may also become sore, red, watery or even itchy. Next, you may begin to develop a cough.  Although these symptoms may seem very similar to cold symptoms, you need to be aware of other complications that could develop with a tomato allergy.  The symptoms will begin to get worse as your lip and tongue can begin to swell.  Swelling of the throat may make it difficult to breath and you may have an asthma attack.  Wheezing can also develop and contribute to these breathing difficulties.  Other people could notice that your voice sounds hoarse.  Your mouth may tingle or even feel itchy.

The following symptoms have a lot of the similarities to the flu.  The tomato allergy may cause you to have diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.  However, you may also become very constipated and have difficulties going to the restroom at all.  Abdominal pain can be experienced as well.  As you continue to experience some of these symptoms you might begin to fell very tired.  This feeling of tiredness can also be accompanied by disturbed sleep.  This can be very annoying when you do not feel well and you are tired but can not sleep.

You need to keep in mind that your reaction can vary from mild to life-threatening.  If your reaction to the tomato is extreme you could even go into anaphylactic shock.  This can cause you to become unconscious and can even result in death if you are not treated quickly and appropriately.  You should always talk to your physician if you are concerned that you have an allergy to any type of food to ensure that you are prepared for any life threatening reactions.

Finally, remember that you can get relief from many of the mild symptoms that have been discussed.  Vitamins may help you feel better and you can also consider buying an over the counter medication.  Vitamins A,B,C and E may help you deal with allergies and function more comfortably if you are suffering.  You can get these vitamins from supplements but you can also each foods that are rich in these vitamins.  Eating healthy can be a great way to deal with allergies.