Rash Under Armpit

Reasons For A Rash Under Your Armpit

There are many things that can cause a rash under your armpit. Even know rashes are usually not a serious condition they can become itchy, swollen and even painful. Most of the time people are clueless as to why they have this problem. But the reasons for a rash under your armpit can be easy to identify if you know what to look for.




Armpit rashes are irritating, very unattractive and because of the intense itching you may also have an odor along with your symptoms. But before you make a doctors appointment, make sure that you are not causing the rash yourself by using a specific product or not practicing safe hygiene at home.

Women can have little red and painful bumps from shaving and using a new razor can be the problem. Women do not have much armpit hair, so when they shave they only remove a small amount of hair. They are used to shaving their legs and have to press the shaver down securely to the leg to catch all of the stubble. But if they press on the shaver while shaving a sensitive area like the armpit, it makes the blade also scrap the skin. Another problem is that the skin under the arm is not flat like the leg. Therefore the skin is more likely to get trapped under the blade. This scraping can cause a rash under your armpit. The best remedy for this problem is to stop shaving for a few days. You can also use a razor that is made for sensitive skin.

When men get rashes in the armpit area they are likely due to a fungal or yeast infection or from sharing hygiene products. These types of rashes are extremely itchy and can also cause an odor if not taken care of. They usually affect athletic men who perspire a lot. Yeast grows in soft damp areas and a man’s armpit is a perfect place for this to happen. To be sure that the rash under your armpit is a fungal infection, you can check to see if there are white patches in the hair area. These white patches resemble excess deodorant and if they are present, you must purchase an anti fungal crème. You can ask any pharmacist what product will work the best for you if you explain your specific symptoms.

If you have tiny bumps accompanied with redden skin all around your armpit, it is probably an allergic reaction. This can happen when you start to use a new deodorant or laundry soap. To avoid this type of reaction there are many products out now that are hypoallergenic and made for sensitive skin. Certain perfumes, shampoos and lotions can also contain ingredients that are irritating to sensitive skin and some foods can even cause a rash. Always check the labels when purchasing new items for anything that can be irritating to your skin.

In the summer it can be easy to get a rash under your armpit. This is called a heat rash. If you also have red bumps and itching on other areas of the body, this is another sign of heat rash. Because of the excess moisture and heat the skin cannot eliminate all of the sweat, so a rash forms. It helps to keep the area clean and dry and you can also apply hydrocortisone crème anywhere you see the rash. Powders can help greatly with this problem by keeping the area dry.

If rashes are small and not that bothersome, you can usually take care of them yourself. But if a rash ever produces large bumps or if they become too painful you should be seen by a doctor.