Reduce Pore Size

How to Reduce Pore Size

Many people want to learn how to reduce pore size because they find large pores unattractive. Genetics, age, and environmental factors all combine to determine skin pore size. You cannot do anything to make the actual pore opening smaller but you can take measures which will clear out the pores and make them appear smaller.

One of the things which you should never do is to use a product that contains alcohol, peroxides, or acid on the skin. A bar of soap works well as does a cleansing oil or gel. Some people use steaming techniques to reduce pore size. This means bringing a pot of water to boiling and then bathing your face over it for at least thirty minutes.

Once the pores are clean, the next step to reduce pore size is to exfoliate. Use a scrub that contains sugar as this can help to not only remove dirt but dead cells as well. Sugar can help to further shrink pores. After you have cleaned and exfoliated, you can use a skin toner to close the pores. By now they will be less visible. Finish with a moisturizer or a mask. A moisturizer reduces the amount of oil you have in your skin. You can also make or buy a mask, which will shrink skin pores and moisturize. You can find many recipes for skin masks on the internet.

The reason it is hard to reduce pore size or at least the size they appear is that everyone has different skin and what works for one person often does not work for another. If you have very sensitive skin, you will want to use products with ingredients such as aloe vera which will sooth and heal your skin.

If you have very oily skin, it is most likely hereditary. You will want to manage it with proper care and diet. Clay masks can help to tighten pores and to cleanse the skin. After you turn age forty, a healthy diet that includes some oil is necessary because with aging comes skin dryness. Skin that has acne blemishes is amongst the hardest to treat. Keeping the skin clean and never squeezing the blemishes can help to reduce the size of acne-caused pores.

You can use the following three treatments to help reduce pore size:

Retin A--If you are going to use Retin A, consult with your doctor as you need to take exactly the right dosage at the right times or you could become ill. Retin A comes from vitamin A and it helps to reduce oil production and exfoliates. It is used routinely to treat acne and wrinkles.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid--This product removes oil and dead skin cells, making pores appear smaller. It’s an acid which comes from fruits and goes by such names as malic acid, lactic acid or glycolic acid. It can be bought over the counter at most pharmacies.

Salicylic Acid --This acid is used in many acne products to exfoliate skin and remove skin cells. It can help keep skin pores open so that they do not become clogged or enlarged.

Vitamin C--Along the same lines as retinol, vitamin C can help reduce pore size. Elastin and collagen are reduced by the use of the antioxidants in vitamin C and vitamin A. Skin pores tighten up and your skin will appear smoother.

If you have some money to spend, head off to a spa for a microdermabrasion treatment. This is more expensive than do-it-yourself remedies. Basically, it is an exfoliation treatment which removes the outer dead skin layer and stimulates collagen so that skin looks smoother.