Running During Pregnancy

Some Important Facts to Know about Running during Pregnancy

If you are asking yourself whether it’s safe to be running during pregnancy you’ve come to the right place.  Pregnancy is a delicate state to be in. Most women follow very strict guidelines while some merely get by not knowing if they’re pregnant or not.

The key to running during pregnancy is your pre-pregnancy health. If you already were a runner then it should be safe to run during the first couple of months, given you do not over exert yourself and keep yourself hydrated at all times. It is important to consult a doctor if your pregnancy may be considered higher risk and running may be discouraged.

Something that will not be discouraged at any point is staying healthy and active. If you are someone who was already active prior to your pregnancy don’t let yourself be discouraged from continuing on your healthy path. If you area eating healthy and getting regular non rigorous exercise this will provide excellent benefits for you and your baby.

Running during pregnancy as well as jogging and brisk walking is an important habit to continue or to start during this special time.  If you are not fit enough to run, do not attempt as this will put your body under a great deal of stress. Walking and brisk walking however is safe and encouraged. Keep in mind that your core (abdomen and back) are going to need a lot of strength during and after the pregnancy. It would be good to carry small dumbbells 2lbs or so while walking or jogging.

Maintaining good physical health is key to a good bounce back after giving birth and regaining yourself and your body as well. Running through out the entire pregnancy is not very heard of but it certainly does occur.  After all what would marathon runners do during pregnancy, they spend all their lives running free and they certainly do not want to keep the health benefits to themselves.  

Being in good physical health and practicing good eating habits is very important for your baby. It’s a proven fact that your baby in uteri after 21 weeks or so can actually taste some of the foods you consume through the anionic fluid. This means that your healthy eating can encourage the tastes your baby will enjoy once it is delivered. Exercise also encourages healthy metabolism for you, and stabilizes your hormones which is great to fight off the baby blues post partum and also beneficial to the baby during the pregnancy. A good mood and good health is achievable at almost any level.

Running during pregnancy is not recommended for everybody, it is very important to assess your own personal health level with your doctor. If you have never ran a marathon before surely this is not the time to start, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try for the next time you conceive.

The old ways of sitting around and laying about waiting for the baby to arrive, treating the woman as a sick person who was no allowed to do much during pregnancy is in the past. Many women work at their farms, swim, and jog and keep a full physical life with limitations of course, during their pregnancy. Although running during pregnancy may seem a little out of the ordinary, some women do it, carry to term and have healthy babies. As a rule of thumb, getting physical check ups and taking care of yourself prior to conceiving and keeping healthy habits will ultimately ease pregnancy, labor and recovery for both you and your baby.