Toothache Cure

What To Do For A Toothache Cure

If you have a tooth that is causing pain, you can try to find a toothache cure. There are a few different types of toothaches. One is from sensitivity to either hot or cold liquids or foods. The other is from a decay of infection around the tooth. Both can be equally painful but there are different ways to address each type of toothache. You must first find out which type of toothache you have before finding the right toothache cure.

Sensitive teeth can happen because the enamel that coats the tooth is eroded or thinning from not practicing the proper hygiene techniques. Eating fruits or juices that contain acid is one of the most common reasons for having sensitive teeth. An infected or decaying tooth is also caused by not eating properly and usually happens to people who eat too much sugar.

Both of these problems can be avoided by brushing the teeth on a regular basis. This includes right after you eat something that contains high amount of sugar or acid. Flossing can also help remove food from between the teeth. This helps to prevent plague and decaying between the teeth. Using a strong mouthwash can also help to remove bacteria that can contribute to tooth decay and pain.

When it comes to a toothache cure, the first thing you can do is to go see a dentist. He can recommend what needs to be done next to help stop the pain. If the tooth has a surrounding infection he may want to prescribe an anti biotic before he does anything to treat the tooth. A dentist will not usually work on a tooth while it is infected. He may choose to remove the tooth altogether. This is usually done for people who cannot afford to try to save the tooth. But for the people who can, he may suggest a root canal.

During a root canal, the dentist removes the nerve and pulp from inside of the tooth. He will clean and seal the tooth and no further pain will be felt. The removal of the nerve will not affect the tooth in any way but the pain will be considerably reduced.

If there is absolutely no way a person can afford to go see a dentist, there are a few home remedies that can help. Using mouthwash a few times a day reduces bacteria and can help with an infected tooth. If it is swollen and red around the tooth area it can also help reduce the swelling.

Another home remedy toothache cure would be to use either a clove leaf or clove oil. Apply it directly to the tooth that is causing pain by either placing a clove bud on a q-tip and pressing it on the tooth or putting a few drops on clove oil directly on the tooth. Cloves are a natural tooth pain reducer.

If you are experiencing pain from a missing filling or hole in the tooth, there are many types of temporary fillings sold at most pharmacies. They are inexpensive and they keep air out of the infected tooth so that the nerve does not respond with extreme pain. These filings are temporary, so it would be a good idea to eventually see a dentist for this type of problem.

There are many solutions also sold in most pharmacies that can serve as a toothache cure. They are in liquid form and can be placed right on the tooth or surrounding gum area. These solutions work fine but they are only temporary. They usually only last until you drink or eat something that washes the solution off of the tooth.