Toothache During Pregnancy

The Truth About Treating A Toothache During Pregnancy

Having a toothache during pregnancy can be very annoying to the pregnant woman. When a woman is pregnant everything changes; women no longer place themselves first and every day activities are examined for safety. Specifically, when having a toothache during pregnancy she is often faced with questions of how to eliminate the horrendous pain without harming her unborn child. Furthermore, many are afraid of drinking caffeine and taking any medication (rightfully so) and may even fear going to the dentist because they are pregnant. These women are understandably putting the safety of their unborn baby first, but nonetheless are desperately seeking to ease the pain. Throughout this article we will examine all you need to know about safe ways to help relieve a toothache during pregnancy that are proven to provide relief without having a fearful mother or harmed fetus.

Although one may fear seeking dental treatment if they have a toothache during pregnancy, they should veer away from these feelings that are definitely not based in fact. Let go of the old wives’ tales you have heard from your grandmother and know that anyone with a toothache should definitely seek medical assistance to keep from affecting the fetus. Having continuous pain of any type while pregnant inevitably causes stress to your body. Furthermore, prolonged stress (by trying to deal with a toothache without treatment) can harm your unborn baby. Therefore, at a first sign of a toothache during pregnancy a woman should seek medical attention of a trained dentist who is aware of how to treat pregnant women safely. Also understand that if an x-ray must be performed the baby can be completely protected by using a lead shield. Better yet, chances are your dentist is thoroughly aware of this fact.

Now that we have explained the necessity of getting a prolonged toothache during pregnancy checked out as soon as possible, lets explore natural remedies that can help ease your pain until your appointment. One way to get rid of a toothache is to chew on a clove to extract the juice and rest the juice near the painful area. This method will help reduce the pain within about thirty minutes. Although this next method is debatable, some recommended seeing someone trained in reflexology to help ease your pain, but do not use acupressure. Another, easier method that can temporarily relive your pain is the use of a hot or cold pack. Although these methods are successful for a short amount of time, you must seek dental assistance for your sanity as well as for your baby’s health. Never attempt to treat yourself for a toothache during pregnancy.

If you fail to get your tooth pain looked at due to pregnancy you are not only doing an injustice to yourself but also to your unborn child. The stress your body goes through due to your pain is likely to reduce the birth weight or your child, while also making it more likely to be premature. Never take these risks! Instead, seek a dentist and tell him or her of your pregnancy and they will know how to safely treat you without harming your child or the fetus.

In conclusion, many women experience toothaches while they are pregnant. When this ache occurs, women go through a variety of stages including fear and stress. They fear for the health of their child and tend to veer away from dental treatment, while also stressing due to the mass amount of pain. However, rest assured that seeing your dentist while you are pregnant is completely safe; just tell your dentist that you are pregnant and they will keep you and your baby safe. In the end, choosing to not seek medical assistance for your toothache could actually harm your unborn baby; instead, call a dentist as soon as you notice consistent pain.