Verruca Removal

What You Should Know about Verruca Removal

Verruca removal is something that may be very frustrating to you if you have one.  A verruca is a type of wart that you are going to get on the bottom of your foot.  You will notice that it is often very hard and you will notice that it has small black spots within it.  The verruca is not going to be painful unless you are constantly needed to place pressure on that area of your foot.  However, you are still going to want the knowledge related to how to get rid of it.

Rest assured that verruca removal can be as simple as getting a cream or gel from the store.  You may notice that the verruca is going to respond much better to a cream or gel if it is placed on a wart that it relatively new.  This may not be the case if it has been there for a really long time.  For example, if the verruca has been on your foot for several months, it is most likely not going to respond the cream that you purchased over the counter.  You should also know that some of the creams that can be purchased may actually burn your skin.  Therefore, you may want to the doctor before you try anything.  You are going to want to contact your doctor anyways if you have had the wart for a really long time or it is causing you pain.

Often times verruca removal is going to be handled by your doctor.  There are a few different things that they can try in order to remove the wart.  They may want to freeze the wart off.  This process is going to use liquid nitrogen in order to cause the verruca to fall off.  The doctor may also talk to you about having laser surgery done in order to cut off blood supply to the infected area.  This also causes the verruca to fall off.  You should know that laser treatment may actually need to be done to the area several times before it works and this may also be very painful.  Laser surgery is the most effective treatment for verruca removal and it does not cause damage to the surrounding tissue so these benefits should be taken into consideration.

The verruca wart can be spread very easily.  You should also know that the bacteria that cause them will often thrive in warm, moist conditions.  It is very important to make sure that you are showering daily and you are also changing your socks.  Be sure to wash your shoes on a regular basis and keep your feet clean. You should avoid walking barefoot in public places because the verruca can be spread very easily.  Never share shoes and socks with other individuals as a way to avoid spreading these warts as well.

It is important to have a verruca checked by your doctor if you have one on your foot. You are not going to want to wait for it to go away by itself because it will only continue to get worse.  Also remember that the longer you have it, the harder it is to get rid of.  Talking to your doctor as soon as you notice it will give you the best opportunity to get rid of it before it is spread to others as well.  You may even want to take the time to clean your shower and bath tub so that others are not stepping where you did.  Be sure to wear socks at home as well.

Verruca removal is not uncommon but it can become costly and it may be painful at times.  Small children may be afraid of the procedures need to remove the wart.  Therefore, talk to them about wearing their shoes and socks at all times.  Make sure that they notify you if something different develops on their foot.  The sooner you have it checked, the better.