Antiviral Herbs

Top 5 Antiviral Herbs

Antiviral herbs can aid in the reduction of getting certain types of viruses. To this day we are virtually unable to cure viruses because they are resistant to antibiotics or penicillin. Doctors can provide medications that ease the symptoms of a viral disease but nothing can be offered to actually cure the condition. It can either run its course and they body eventually cures itself or it can remain a permanent condition. There are many ways to try to combat these viruses and incorporating antiviral herbs everyday to your diet, is one of them.

There are many antiviral herbs that are available but each one is geared for a specific problem. One may help with digestion, while another prevents allergies. Some of the most common ailments and health problems may be fixed by taking these herbs and throughout the centuries many different cultures have used them for medicinal purposes. But unlike pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by doctors, you will not find a Federal Drug Administration seal on any of these remedies. That does not mean that they are ineffective. But you should always try to find these antiviral herbs in the purest form possible to avoid any additives or preservatives.

Echinacea is one of the most powerful antiviral herbs for patients with weakened immune systems. It makes the immune systems stronger by omitting a germ dissolving enzyme. This keeps the germ localized and they cannot spread throughout the body. It is also said to boost the white blood cell count which can further aid in rebuilding the immune system. Echinacea can also be used to treat things like the common cold and the flu but some patients do report that if they have ever suffered with allergies using Echinacea can make matters worse.

Glycyrrhiza glabra or licorice root can decrease fever caused by infections. It also helps with inflamed tissues and it is particularly good in treating fungal and yeast type infections. It contains twenty five antifungal and eight antiviral substances. Because it is such a powerful antiviral herb it should not be taken over a long period of time and can do damage instead of helping the body, if it is taken for too long.

For people who are afraid of coming in contact with the flu but are not ready for the flu vaccine, drinking green tea may be the answer. Green tea has a substance in it called catechins that not only fights against the flu virus but can stop its affects on the body. Not only is this tea delicious and a proven antiviral herb but it also contains antioxidants that fight off free radicals. In order to get all the vitamins and nothing else, you can sweeten this tea with a bit of honey instead of white processed sugar.

Allium sativum or garlic is another beneficial fighter in the antiviral herbs family. It is recommended that every adult eat at least four fresh cloves of garlic a day. Garlic has antimicrobial substances in it and it is known as nature’s antibiotic. It can stop bacterial infections like E coli, Bacillus and hafnia. Most people do not like the taste of so much garlic. If that is the case, there are garlic capsules available at most drug stores. This way you can still get the benefits of eating fresh garlic with out any unpleasant taste.

Elderberry can also aid in reducing flu symptoms. But it specializes in repairing upper respiratory damage due to bronchitis or other chest ailments. Black elderberry contains neuraminidase inhibitors that prevent the spread of infected cells. This alienates the cells so that they can be destroyed by the bodies own defenses.