Gifts For Pregnant Women

Great Gifts for Pregnant Women

Becoming a mother is a special event in a woman’s life and there are wonderful gifts for pregnant women to show that you share their joy. Most people give the usual- some baby clothes, toys, stuffed animals and useful items such as bottles, lotions and baby dishes. But a good friend wants to do something thoughtful and unique, right? So here are some of the best gift ideas for mommies and daddies to be:


The belly mask has become one of the most popular gifts for pregnant women. A woman’s belly will (hopefully) never look that gigantic again, and it is a cute idea to create this memorable object. You can purchase a belly mask kit which contains everything you need to make it at home: a protective foil, cream, cast, tissues to cover up the intimate area (to avoid a rather vulgar piece of art!) and mild cleaning products. The belly is rubbed in with a special cream that prevents the cast to stick to it when it is dry. The cast itself usually comes in handy strips which cover the entire belly. Once the cast has dried, you have a beautiful sculpture of the pregnant belly which you can leave blank or spice up with some colours and arts. This is an absolute unique gift for the parents-to-be, and it is quite affordable as the kit costs around $50.

Every mother-to-be is proud to show around her ultrasound pictures as it is the very first photograph of her little angel. So why not turn it into a nice present? An ultrasound canvas is one of the most unique gifts for pregnant women is and is easily done. You can either go to a photography store or order the item online (which is always cheaper!). All you do is scan the picture and email it to one of the many companies that offer to print your photo on a large canvas. If you are good with graphic design or know somebody who is, you can even change the colours from the usual greenish-black to anything you like- blue for a boy or pink for a girl? Depending on the size, the canvas may cost $30 - $100.


If you prefer a practical gift for your pregnant friend, why not make your own survival kit? This is a gift that shows you care while it is very inexpensive. You should choose a nice bag for this so that mommy-to-be can take it outdoors as well and use it in an emergency. But what does a pregnant woman need in an emergency? Here are some ideas of things that are crucial in a pregnancy-survival-package:

Most mothers want to keep track of every tiny development and write it down as a beautiful memory. There are countless pregnancy diaries in stores and they are truly one of the most thoughtful gifts for pregnant women. Here they can write down when it kicks, put pictures into it and keep track of the increasing weight. Once the baby is there they may want to describe what it feels like to be a mom, and take a note of the first baby smile, the first tooth and the first word.