How To Stop Pregnancy

How to stop pregnancy is a question often asked after the fact. For instance, the best way to stop pregnancy is to prevent it. But many women and men don’t think about how to stop pregnancy before it happens. Instead of using birth control methods while having sex, they use methods of abortion as birth control methods.

Let’s take a look at some methods of how to stop pregnancy:

One of the oldest ways is often referred to as natural family planning. It includes not only the rhythm method, which predicts when you will ovulate each month by counting days, and then abstaining from sex during ovulation, but two other birth control methods as well. The basal body temperature method is included in this group of techniques. This one predicts ovulation by body temperatures, because they rise during ovulation.

The cervical mucus or secretion method is another means of how to stop pregnancy. This involves looking at the mucus or secretions from the cervix. During ovulation, the secretions become clear, thinner and wetter so that the sperm can make its way up the fallopian tube. The rhythm, temperature and cervical mucus methods all involve abstinence several days a month during ovulation.

There are several methods of birth control that stop pregnancy by stopping the sperm from getting to the place where it can be fertilized. These include the male condom, spermicides, sponge, diaphragm, female condom, cervical cap, and IUD device. Of all of these, the IUD is the most effective at 99%.

Withdrawal is the guy’s natural method of how to stop pregnancy. It is not incredibly effective because sometimes men cannot withdraw in time and because there can be sperm in pre-ejaculation fluid as well. The percentage of withdrawal and the other natural ways of conception having success is only 80%.

Some women’s approach to how to stop pregnancy is to use herbs to bring on an abortion. This technique has a high percentage rate of failure and some plants are toxic so care has to be taken about which herb to use and how much of it. The herbs cause contractions and widen the cervix. Because of the danger, at least consult with an herbalist about how to stop pregnancy if you plan to use this method.

Hormonal birth control is what most people call taking the pill. It can actually be in daily pill form, or as an injection, patch, or vaginal ring. All of these deliver synthetic estrogen and /or progesterone which prevents ovulation. Hormonal birth control can be up to 99% effective when used correctly.

The morning after pill is a means of contraception taken after unprotected sex and not during. It is not really one pill, but two pills, that have to be taken twelve hours apart. They work in the same way as the daily pill by preventing ovulation and making the mucus in the vagina thicker so the sperm can’t swim. This method has to be used within 72 hours of intercourse and even then, only has a 75-89% success rate.


If none of these means of how to stop pregnancy have worked, there are two more to consider: surgical abortion and the abortion pill. There are several different methods of surgical abortion, depending on how many weeks have passed during the pregnancy. The abortion pill is around 90% effective. It prevents the fetus from getting progesterone, which it needs in order to live. The abortion pill is considered to be a medical abortion and not a surgical abortion.

There are many different methods of birth control and abortion. The only perfect way of how to stop pregnancy by birth control is abstinence. You have to decide which ways will work best for you and which will fit in with your personal lifestyle and beliefs.