Pregnant And Scared

Answers For Women Who Are Pregnant and Scared

If a woman or girl has become pregnant but is not yet ready to have a child she may become pregnant and scared. She may not know if she is capable of raising a child and may also have other problems like no finances or a father that wants nothing to do with the child. Even when a pregnant woman has all the love and support in the world from her family and friends, being pregnant and scared is usually a first reaction, especially for a woman who has never experienced childbirth.

With teen pregnancy, these problems can seem overwhelming. The young pregnant mother also will have to worry about the reaction from her parents and family. She will most likely have to depend on them not only for emotional support but also for financial support and she may also have to rely on them for an answer to her problem.

For a woman who has taken pharmaceutical drugs for an existing condition that is known to cause birth defects, being pregnant and scared has a new meaning. The financial and family support may be there but she now has to consider whether she wants to raise a possibly handicapped child. There are so many reasons for being pregnant and scared but luckily there are also many options specifically in place to help pregnant women.

When a woman becomes pregnant and does not want to carry the baby to full term or keep it, she can consider having an abortion. This is usually recommended for women who have taken drugs that are known to cause deformities and also for women who have been raped. For some women, aborting a fetus is a hard decision and it can sometimes take an emotional toll on the expectant mother.

Adoption can be another option for women who do not want to keep their child. The expectant mother can carry the baby to full term and release custody of the child to someone else. This usually happens when the pregnant mother has no way to care for the child financially and would rather see it being taken care of by a couple who are financially stable and capable of meeting the child's needs.

There are many organizations designed to help women who have any gynecological needs including pregnancy. These organizations can help to counsel the expectant mother and help her to make decisions regarding her pregnancy. They can help with medical care and even assist her in finding a permanent physician. If the young mother has no other support from her family or the father, these organizations can also advise her on what to do next.

Every individual state offers help for expectant mothers by way of welfare. If the mother qualifies for assistance she can go to her local social service office and request help. She will be appointed a caseworker and this person will assess what the expectant mother needs. She can be given temporary shelter, counseling, food stamps, and money for her rent. She will also be given medical help for her and the baby.

The only way to avoid becoming pregnant and scared is to practice safe sex. Using birth control or condoms can reduce the chance of an unwanted pregnancy. They can also reduce the chances of getting a sexually transmitted disease that can be life threatening. Herpes, chlamydia and HIV-AIDS can all be avoided by simple keeping yourself protected at all times. It is considered to be very irresponsible to have sex without protection and every younger person should be taught the importance of acting responsibly.