Ways To Prevent Pregnancy

Three Ways to Prevent Pregnancy

For those who are not ready to have a baby, finding ways to prevent pregnancy is of paramount importance.  Far too many babies are born each year to parents who are not ready or willing to care for them properly.

Such tragedy could be avoided by taking simple steps to prevent such pregnancies.

Here are three effective ways to prevent pregnancy.

The Birth Control Pill

One of the most effective methods of birth control, the pill is about 99% effective. Note that no method, except abstinence, which is discussed below, is 100% effective. That means that there is still a chance that you could get pregnant, even while on the pill.

It is also important to note that if you fail to take the pills as prescribed, the chances of becoming pregnant increase dramatically.

There are some possible side effects for those choosing to use the pill, so be sure to discuss any risks with your doctor prior to beginning this type of birth control.

Barrier Methods

These ways to prevent pregnancy, which include sponges and diaphragms, are not as effective as the pill. However, when used exactly as directed they can be somewhat effective at preventing pregnancy.

There are many types of barrier method birth control, and each has a different rate of effectiveness.  These products are, in general, between 68% and 85% effective.

Those odds are not great, so keep that in mind when choosing this method of birth control.


For those who really don’t want to become pregnant, abstinence is the only 100% effective method of birth control.

Of course, this is not realistic for everyone, such as married couples, but for those who are not yet married and know that getting pregnant would derail their future plans, abstinence is the way to go.

If you must be sexually active, there are other forms of sex that do not include a chance of creating an unwanted child.

Some women choose a combination of birth control methods as ways to prevent pregnancy. For example, she will take the pill and also have her partner use a condom.  This will certainly lower your chances of getting pregnant but, again, there is always the chance that even layered birth control will fail.

Please keep in mind that abortion is not a substitute for birth control. Also, there are many birth control methods that people use that simply are not effective such as the rhythm method or having the male pull out prior to ejaculation. Those and some other methods do little to prevent pregnancy.

There are many myths about pregnancy such as one that state you can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex (yes, you can) or that you can’t get pregnant while standing up (again, yes, you can).  There is no position, time of month, temperature or any other external factor that will prevent pregnancy.

If you have sex, there is a chance you will become pregnant.

Please be responsible when choosing to engage in sexual activity. It’s not just about the two of you. It’s about the baby that you may be bringing into the world unwanted.