Indigestion Remedies

Indigestion Remedies: Meet Your Very Best Friends

If you are prone to having a bit too much stress in your life, have a few too many pounds pulling and pushing at your midsection, or if you enjoy eating meals that are far too big for your small stomach, the following indigestion remedies may be just what you need to carry on. Eating too quickly, smoking excessively, drinking alcohol, pregnancy, and eating just before you lay down will also cause a few indigestion problems, and you will need to closely watch the decisions that you make in regards to what you eat and drink in order to avoid the pain and the wait for your indigestion remedies to start working. If any of these habits sound like something you might do, the following information will be of great assistance in the future.

As you know, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, so the most successful indigestion remedies for you will be the avoidance of symptom causing actions. Extra heavy and greasy foods should be shunned if you are prone to indigestion, or at least taken in much slighter portions. Caffeine will also spark up the acid and reflux in your stomach, as will carbonation, cocoa and chocolate. Also, laying down after you have eaten should give you pause, as the digestion process can take on more troubles if the stomach is tips just after a meal. Indigestion remedies such as these will help you to avoid medical treatment, medications, and home ingredients that will aid in your condition.


One of our favorite indigestion remedies is the mixture of lukewarm water in a glass with one teaspoon of regular baking soda. Drinking this slowly, ingesting the whole thing while pacing or walking. The movement of your legs will help with digestion, while the baking soda helps to bring up excess gas bubbles. You may find that you belch a lot, but this is what you want. The more you belch, the more painful gas is being relieved from your swollen and tender gut. So blow your prim and proper manners out the window and don’t fight the burps!

Another of your most useful indigestion remedies for home is to incorporate peppermint or cinnamon into a glass of water, or even to steep them as a tea. I know it seems as though these harsher spices would cause further upset to the tender stomach, but they actually help to break up the foods and gases in your stomach and bring up the bothersome pockets of gas that are causing your discomfort. Go for a slow walk, and remain upright until at least 30 minutes after your symptoms have passed.