Stomach Illness

Stomach Illness: What Can We Do To Feel Better?

When you experience stomach illness, you know that you are most likely dealing with either a rancid food item or a symptom of a larger illness. Aside from the stomach flu, which is not a flu virus at all, there are very few forms of stomach illness which affect this area alone, and we need to get to the true source of our discomfort before relief is to be had. The good news is that nausea and vomiting are not usually dangerous or life threatening, though in some cases they are a symptom of certain types of cancers, heart attacks, nervous system disorders, and troubles with the liver or kidneys. Most likely, you are dealing with the inconvenient effects of a bug or sickness, and you will recover within one week.

Stomach illness can also come in the form of indigestion. This is actually an esophageal issue, but it can burn and hurt from the stomach all the way up to the throat, and quite mercilessly in some cases. If you are suffering stomach illness due to acid indigestion, it is important that you seek medical attention and counsel as soon as you can. The acids produced during these flare ups can permanently damage the esophagus, the throat, and the stomach. There are many medications and dietary changes that can help with this disorder, so be ready to make some changes and feel much better because of them.

Some cases of stomach illness are symptoms of much greater problems, those such as appendicitis, migraine headaches, and stroke. Nausea and vomiting in the case of migraines can be slightly misleading, as the headache can come much before or far after the headache occurs, but if you are experiencing severe, sharp headaches, you may be able to use this stomach illness as a mapping tool for when your next headache will come. Appendicitis is potentially deadly, and must be given attention immediately. The toxins released after the appendix has burst are horribly damaging, and the survival rate for such an event is very low.

Stomach illness can also occur with ulcers, and this is yet another condition which needs to be looked into and treated by a medical professional. The acids within the stomach, when not quelled or suppressed, can actually eat away at the lining of the stomach, causing painful, open sores that may never heal. Most of the time, the victim of this condition will spend the remainder of their life trying to control and prevent flare ups by eating a careful diet and taking their medications regularly. If your stomach illness is due to this condition, you will most likely feel heavy pains and a burning sensation in your abdomen.