Stomach Migraine

Facts about Stomach Migraine

Stomach migraine also known as abdominal migraine can be quite a confusing term. To help you understand just what this illness think of migraines themselves. Migraines are debilitating headaches that last for a few hours sometimes causing vomiting, dizziness and visual impairment. Stomach migraine is the debilitating sides of the typical migraine.

The stomach migraine consists of abdominal pain for two hours or more accompanied by dizziness, visual impairment and vomiting. It’s like the migraine but without the head ache. Different from head migraines, these stomach migraines affect younger children. Some children as young as five years old and can last to adulthood. It is likely that the child suffering from such illness comes from a family background of head migraines.

This debilitating stomach pain in children can be confused with many other child related illnesses and is important to seek medical help if a stomach migraine is suspected. The children who have stomach migraines need to be treated in hopes that they will not develop migraine headaches as adults as these children often seem to do. Preventive actions can be taken accordingly to the child with the help of the pediatrician.

Headache migraines can be caused by certain foods that our body can not tolerate, for example strong cheeses. This is something to consider, keep some type of record of the type of foods your child eat and it you suspect something may be a trigger then eliminate it out of the child’s diet.

High stress and lack of movement can contribute, encourage your child to relax and play, the home’s situation may be adding to it.  Medical attention is very important to you child’s health do not simply assume that this condition is what is wrong with your child, constant stomach pain and dizziness can also be a sign of something for serious. Further testing should always be encourage to make sure you are looking at the completely picture when it comes to your child’s health.

Constant stomach pain can be a sign of more serious illness. In girls problems with uterus, in general for both genders the presence of a cyst or stomach tumor. Psychological reasons like stress and anxiety as well as depression can manifest themselves physically as stomach pain. Irritable bowel syndrome can be accompanied by diarrhea and has a more instant type of reaction to foods. Heart burn can be mistaken for a stomach ache by a child that young, and constipation which is more common.

For vomiting and nausea try giving your child ginger tea warm or cold with some honey to help control and retain fluids. Administer plenty of drinking water, juice and the like to keep the body healthy and running smoothly. If there is a headache present staying in a cool well ventilated room with little light can help calm the pain.

Children need essential nutrients and vitamins if they are suffering from stomach migraines they may not be getting the nutrition they need, having them drink a meal complement for children and preparing them light snacks should help them not lose too much weight or nutritional value through their day.

If your child has fever, stomach bleeding or vomiting that does not stop it is serious and you must take them to your local emergency room. Do not try to treat these illnesses at home. Do all you can to alleviate your child’s stomach migraine with proper medical procedures. This does not mean you should immediately medicate your child. Always do a little research on the prescription medicines for severe side effects and potential long term harm.