Lazy Bowel Syndrome

What To Do About Lazy Bowel Syndrome

It you are using laxatives for a long period of time you might begin to experience lazy bowel syndrome. This is a newer type of syndrome because never before have so many people been addictive to laxatives. When people become dependent on chemicals to use the bathroom, the dosage always has to be increased to get the same desired affect. Over a period of time the laxatives may not work anymore and constipation occurs.

Along with not being able to use the bathroom the person who suffers from lazy bowel syndrome may also have symptoms like a distended stomach, gas, pressure on the stomach and severe cramps. They can experience days with out using the bathroom and usually return to old habits using laxatives everyday, to again have bowel movements. Over use of laxatives can do the body harm and permanently damage internal organs. So it is important to resist the urge to use them and do other healthier things to relieve constipation.

Including fiber to your diet can help. Fiber is found in breads, cereals and grains. But sometimes people do not choose to eat these foods because they are high in carbohydrates. Some popular diets suggest that people cut down on or eliminate these foods altogether to lose weight. This can drastically change bowel movements and can leave a person feeling bloated and gassy. So if you are having problems with lazy bowel syndrome, you should eat more fiber.

It is recommended that the average person drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Not only does this keep a body hydrated but it can also help with having a healthy bowel movement. It cleanses the intestines and pushes the stools through. This is probably the best remedy when it comes to lazy bowel syndrome.

Add exercise to your daily schedule. You do not have to join a gym or work out for hours a day. But you can start out slow and just increase your activities. This can be something simple like walking your dog, or raking the lawn. Make sure to move everyday and you shouldn’t have any more slow bowel movements.

Substituting a healthy vegetable for things like fried potatoes or deserts can help keep things moving along also. There are so many foods that contain high fiber. Apples, pears, raw vegetables and most fruits if eaten everyday can help to produce a healthy bowel movement. Most of these things also contain anti oxidants that help to free the body of free radicals and they lower your risk for certain diseases. So including these types of foods into your everyday diet can improve more than constipation.

If you are trying to increase fiber intake but are still not getting enough, there are products that contain psyllium. This is a form of high fiber and it can be taken in many ways. There are cookies and crackers with psyllium and you can also add it to water. This is not a fast solution and it can take days or weeks to notice an improvement in bowel movements. But it is a healthy solution.


These are all natural ways to over come constipation. They are also good for the body. You will never have the discomfort or pain incorporating these things into your routine, unlike laxatives that can cause cramping and frequent trips to the bathroom.

When looking for relief of constipation due to lazy bowel syndrome, do not expect a fast cure. If our bodies become addicted to any substance it can take a while for things to return back to normal. But if you have gone over a week without having any bowel movements, you should make an appointment to see a doctor immediately.