Liver Pain

What You Need to Know About Liver Pain

Liver pain is categorized as any type of pain you feel that can be contributed to your liver.  You may suffer from acute or chronic liver pain and each of these has different causes.  Acute liver pain can be caused by a hydatid cyst, hepatitis, or even a live abscess.  However, chronic liver pain may be caused by cirrhosis of the liver. If you want your liver pain to go away or decrease you are going to need to know what is causing it first.  Therefore, you need to see a doctor right away and be examined.

When you have liver pain it is most likely going to be located in the upper right part of your stomach.  Some people may also feel this pain in the upper right part of their back.  This is usually a dull, uncomfortable pain.  As previously mentioned, liver pain is generally a common side effect of hepatitis.  This is especially true if you have inflammation or gallstones.  The pain is caused when the membrane that covers the liver is irritated by irritation.  It is not actually the liver that creates the pain but rather the membrane that is covering it.

It is interesting to know that most of the time the gallbladder is the real cause of your liver pain.  This organ is located in the lower surface of the liver.  That is why many people with hepatitis, who also have gallbladder problems, suffer from pain that is thought to be caused by the liver.  However, the pain is actually from the gallbladder.  It may be necessary to have an ultrasound done in order to determine if the pain is coming from the gallbladder.  This test is going to show if there are any gallstones or other complications related to the gallbladder rather than the liver.

Other things that can cause liver pain range from drug or alcohol intoxication to several different viral infections.  Some of these viral infections, such as forms of hepatitis, can be highly contagious and need to be managed to avoid infecting others.  Also, if this is not taken care of it may lead to liver cancer or cirrhosis of the liver.  Drugs and alcohol can result in liver damage and hepatitis as well.  In order to better determine how much damage your liver has you are going to want to consider a few factors such as how much of the drug you used and for how long.  Liver cirrhosis is caused from fibrosis.  At this stage of fibrosis, you need to understand that the structure of the liver has been changed and deformed.  At this stage, it is very difficult to reverse any of the damage that has been done.

As you can see, liver pain can be very serious.  However, it is important to have this pain examined by your doctor because you may find out that the pain is not caused by the liver at all, but rather a different organ in your body.  Regardless of what is causing the pain, you should always have it examined by your family doctor.  Be sure that you can tell your doctor exactly where the pain is and what type of pain it is.  It is dull or is it sharp?  Also let your doctor know if you are using any drugs.  If so, you need to be honest and let them know what, how much and how often.  This is going to help them determine where they need to begin when searching for the cause of the pain.  This pain can be very annoying and no one actually wants to suffer through it.  You may find out that it is something less severe like gallstones.  However, if it is something more serious, you are going to want to know as soon as possible so that it can be taken care of.