Male Pedicure

All About The Male Pedicure

Because of the term metrosexual men are doing things like getting a male pedicure. They are going to spas and enjoying things that formerly only women would enjoy. It does not mean that their sexuality is in question anymore. They are concerned with their appearance and most women love this. Men can have their own type of male pedicure and feel good about doing it.

Men realize today that it pays to have a cleaner more modern appearance. Women are naturally attracted to men who can take care of them selves. But many men are stating that they do things like getting a male pedicure for their own personal satisfaction and not to attract women. They not only care about having clean nice looking hands but are also concerned about their feet too, especially in the spring and summer when they will be wearing sandals.

Women love to be pampered and men are starting to love it also. The pedicurist along with taking care of the nails may also offer a foot massage with the full treatment. Men are starting to experience the feeling of having another person clean, clip and polish the toenails and they can clearly see how good it looks. So they are incorporating this into a weekly routine. Many male celebrities have been seen having pedicures and they also bring their sons to have the treatment. Although this is a relatively new trend, hopefully men will continue to have a male pedicure as an over all good hygiene procedure.

A male pedicure can be healthy for the feet. There are many procedures used in a pedicure for all types of problems. Along with an over all nice looking appearance, pedicures can soften and moisten the feet. The pedicurist may soak the feet in a water and soapy solution or she may use beer as an anti bacteria and fungal solution. The yeast in beer can also soften the feet. But anyone can do this soak at home. Use any kind of beer and fill a small foot bath until it covers the bottom of the foot completely. Leave feet soaking in it for a half an hour and rinse them off. You can cover them in lotion or antifungal crème.

People with diabetes should probably stay away from having a male pedicure. Back in 2000 a salon that specialized in giving pedicures had caused an out break of bacteria because they did not cleanse their wash basins properly. Over one hundred diabetes suffers were affected by this outbreak and some had to have surgery to remove the scarring from the bacterial infection. It was also extremely resistant to antibiotics and caused many diabetics various medical problems. Now there are laws and legislation that are in place in almost every state to insure that this does not happen again. But there are things that you can look for when preparing to have a pedicure.

Make sure the salon you plan on going to is tidy. Look for any signs of trash cans that need to be emptied or dirty work surfaces. The solutions that a pedicurist uses on your feet should be freshly made. Never soak in any cloudy or dirty looking solution. You can ask the salon about the cleanliness laws in the state you are living in and what they are doing to make sure that you will not be negatively affected. Pedicurists should also wash their hands frequently when they are working on feet. Make sure their hands are clean before they start on your feet. Dirty hands are the main way bacterial infections are spread.