Negative Effects Of Smoking

All About the Negative Effects of Smoking

It is no secret that smoking has many adverse effects on the health of those who partake of the habit. What some might not be aware of, however, are the variety of ways in which smoking can have a negative impact on their lives.

Cancer and Other Serious Health Problems

Some studies state that 2.5 million people die from the effects of smoking each year.  The tragedy is that most of those deaths could have been prevented had the person stopped smoking, even after a diagnosis had been made.

Of all cases of lung cancer diagnosed, nearly 90% were caused by smoking.  Heart disease, which remains one of the most common preventable killers, also gains many of its victims through smoking. Twenty five percent of heart related deaths were caused by smoking.

Other serious long term effects of smoking include stroke, some other types of cancers and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

While these terminal illnesses tend to be best at getting people’s attention, there are other, less dramatic, ways that smoking impacts the live of those who smoke.

Common Illnesses

In addition to being more at risk for serious illnesses such as those above, smokers also tend to get more common colds and other such sicknesses that those who do not smoke.

Because of this, smokers, overall, take more sick days than their non-smoking co-workers.


While many of the negative effects of smoking happen over time, some are immediate. For example, when one smokes, their blood pressure and heart rate immediately rise.
Also, there is a loss of circulation that occurs right after smoking as well.

Not So Tasty

When someone quits smoking, one of the things they often report is that food begins to taste better. That is because he habit dulls the taste buds causing foods to seem less flavorful.

Bad Skin

Thanks to the fact that smoking restricts blood vessels and can decrease circulation, people who smoke often wear the effects right on their face.

Their skin often looks less vibrant and the skin of a smoker tends to age faster than that of a non-smoker.


There is no cream on the market than can reverse the signs of aging that are directly caused by smoking.

Yellowing Teeth

Along with that less than perfect skin, smokers also usually sport yellow teeth thanks to the nicotine that they inhale with each cigarette.

While some of the yellowing can be reversed with professional teeth whitening, if one continues to smoke, the yellowing is going to come back.

Bad Breath/Smelly Clothes

When one smokes, they don’t even notice how badly their breath, clothes and hair smells. But the rest of the world sure notices!

Try as they might, the smell of smoking cannot be covered up with gum, mints or perfume.

Lower Fitness Level

This seems glaringly obvious, but smokers have less physical stamina than non-smokers.  This lack of fitness can exclude many smokers from certain activities and have an overall adverse effect on their lifestyle.

When you have to make choices about how to spend your vacation based on what activities smoking allows you participate in, it is way past time to quit.

The negative effects of smoking are about more than just your long term health. The quality of a smoker’s life is affected every day that he chooses to light up.