Sunburn Cures

Some Common Sunburn Cures

Sunburn cures are a must in the summer time.  Anyone who has ever suffered from the pain of sunburn understands the need to find a cure in order to ease the pain and make you more comfortable.  There are several different things that you can do in order to help make yourself feel better.   This article is going to discuss some of the things that you can try.

There are several different sunburn cures that you can try in order to decrease the pain and help yourself feel better.  The first of many sunburn cures that you can try includes using lavender essential oil. You will use this oil by placing some of it on a tissue.  You will then rub it all over your skin and let it sit.  Within about 30 minutes you will notice that the pain is beginning to decrease and you will begin to feel better.  You may also want to consider pouring some of this oil in your bath water in order to help you feel better.  Remember that if you do this, you are not going to want to wash your hair with this water.

Aloe vera is another cure that is generally thought of the most when you are suffering from sunburn.  You will want to gently rub some of this lotion on your body in order to help ease the pain.  Aloe vera is going to help with the inflammation related to the sunburn and it is also going to help your skin grow new, healthy cells because it contains zinc.

Many sunburn cures have been attempted over the years.  Some people will even say that vinegar helps to relieve the pain.  You can try this by taking simple white vinegar and pouring it onto a towel.  You will then be able to take the towel and place it on the areas that are sore.  However, be sure to avoid placing the towel on areas where the skin is broken.  If you do not want to use a towel, you can take the vinegar and add water.  Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spritz your skin with it.  Many people find this very soothing.

Green or black tea can also be used to help take away the pain from sunburn.  You can take a tea bag and let it soak in warm water.  Then, allow it to cool down.  You will then want to place the tea bag on your eyelids if they are sore and swollen from sunburn.  Another option you have is to place approximately 15 of these tea bags into your warm bath water.  It may sound funny to know you are bathing in tea but it is very helpful for pain relief.

Finally, if you are not interested in sunburn cures that revolve around vinegar or tea, you can use oatmeal.  You will be able to place some cooked oatmeal into gauze compresses and then place them on your skin where you are suffering from sunburn.  This is going to help with the pain.  Leave the oatmeal on the effected area for approximately 20 minutes.  You will want to repeat this process every two or three hours in order to get full relief.

Sunburn cures are posted all over the internet.  There are numerous things that you can attempt in order to control the pain that you may be experiencing.  You may want to try different things in order to determine what is going to work for you.  However, the best thing to do is to take measures needed to protect you from sunburn in the first place.  You need to make sure you are applying sunscreen on a regular basis.  Be sure that you are using sunscreen that has a high SPF.  This is going to be even more effective.